Pop Mart Shows "Natural Series" Blind Bag Figures

Over in China on various apps and message boards news has popped up from Chinese toy manufacturer Pop Mart about a series of My Little Pony blind bag figures they are going to release. This set is called Natural Series and features unique poses and bases we've not seen before in blind bags of any kind!

In total 13 figures will be released, including the complete mane 6 and Princess Celestia. Some ponies are featured multiple times in this set, but Rarity and Princess Celestia are only included once. We've done some checks, and the design of these ponies seem to point towards original designs from Andrew Hickinbottom in 2014, though Hasbro and/or Pop Mart designed the poses for these figures.

The set will be released in exeactly one week on the 26th of February and will cost 59 Yuan ($9) per box or 708 Yuan ($109) for a box of 12. They will be available both in physical places as well as several online stores in China, such as JD and Tmall. Pop Mart also has a global online store themselves, but it's currently unknown whether these will be available there.

Thanks to LA-ndy for sharing this on Twitter and Andrew for the heads-up! Below we have all the images from the original post (prepare to scroll a lot!).


  1. Wow these are amazing! I really want to get them all. However, 9 bucks for a single pony as a blind bag? Quite pricey, given that you don't know which you'll get..

    1. They are the same size ad the big Funko ones, not actual blind bag size.

  2. Only some words:
    I love them and I want them right now!!

  3. Pop Mart's shop is https://popmart.tmall.com/ btw, any Taobao agent can buy from then.

  4. How would I buy and get these shipped to the U.S.?