Natural Series Figures Coming Soon to Entertainment Earth

People who've been chasing the Natural Series by Pop Mart can soon find them at a western retailer: Entertainment Earth has announced to ship the figures and accepts pre-orders now.

The first wave of Natural Series figures feature blind boxes with 12 regular figures (Mane 6) and 1 chase figure (Princess Celestia) was original released on Pop Mart's own channels in China back in February, and later saw a release on their global website. Entertainment Earth is the first retailer in the US that is building up their own stock, as far as we're aware.

Individual blind boxes are listed for $10.99 each, and a full box (with 12 figures) is $131.99. The latter guarantees to contain no duplicates, but it's never sure if you receive all 12 regular figures, or if one has been replaced with the chase Princess Celestia. The pre-orders of both options are currently planned for a release in July.

First want to read a bit more about these figures? We've ordered a few and talked about them in a special review blogpost recently. In short: we were very positive on the quality and looks of the figures.

Pre-order My Little Pony Natural Series Blind Box (1 pcs) on Entertainment Earth >
Pre-order My Little Pony Natural Series Blind Box Case (12 pcs) on Entertainment Earth >

(Thanks to Victor for the heads-up!)


  1. oof I just ordered a box from their global website last week -_- oh well at least I'll be getting them before July

  2. I may be a collector... but the shipping price is insane... if i would order the 12 pcs box with shipping it would cost me 223$ (200€) to get it delivered to germany.

    From the purchase price this alone 93$ are charged for shipping what is crazy imo... well better hope and wait that other retailers will get it in their shop for better shoping conditions then... It´s already hard enough to find MLP related stuff in stores so my main source are always online shops for it.

    1. You can find them also on aliexpress, the shipping costs are way cheaper there, I bought whole set shipped for 150e