Mighty Jaxx Reveals Series 2 Hidden Dissectibles

One of the biggest My Little Pony figure hits from 2020 were the Hidden Dissectibles ponies. These blind bags featured unique My Little Pony sculpts with half dissected ponies. Many people wanted to see more ponies in this same style, and they have been heard: Mighty Jaxx just announced their second series of My Little Pony Hidden Dissectibles!
Update: Series 2 Hidden Dissectibles are now available! Check our review for all details or get them directly at Mighty Jaxx (you can use our referal link for $10 off $100)

The second series covers favorite characters from the second season of Friendship is Magic, and will include a total of 9 pulls, featuring 11 characters in total. The regular characters being Big McIntosh, Cheerilee, Muffins (Derpy Hooves), Granny Smith, Trixie and unicorn Twilight Sparkle.
The rare characters, which have an 1/24 ratio are Spike, who will be combined with Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo + Sweetie Belle, the Ultra Rare with a rarity of 1/48 is a very cool looking Sonic Rainboom Rainbow Dash.

Series 2 My Little Pony Hidden Dissectibles Characters

The release date for the new series is planned for June 30, and we expect pre-orders to open soon on the Mighty Jaxx website. Just like series 1 figures will be available in both single boxes and trays with 12 boxes.
If you're planning on buying such a tray, you can get $10 off $100 as a new member with our referral link. And if you want to know more about the quality and design, then do check our review of the first series.

All details on this announcement can be found on the Mighty Jaxx blog.

Series 2 My Little Pony Hidden Dissectibles Characters

Series 2 My Little Pony Hidden Dissectibles Chase Figures


  1. Granny Smith makes all the sense

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