Store Finds: The G4 Backlog + First G5 Merch

It's been a while since we wrote a store finds post, and to be honest, the amount of finds have been low in the past months. Still, we've build up a backlog of G4 merch and want to share the first G5 in-store release too!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - First G5 Merch Hits Target Stores

The first find of 5th generation My Little Pony merch is a fact! It's not a Hasbro release figure this time, but a pajama onesie! We directly get the full 'mane 5' with Pipp, Sunny, Izzy, Zipp & Hitch. We've heard of multiple stores with this $15 onesie in stock, but online it's not yet available.
(Thanks to Andrew)

US - G1 Shirt & FiM Collection at Five Below

At Five Below you can not get this G1 themed shirt as well as some older figures from the 2018 FiM Collection range. Also available is a cute besties lanyard!
(Thanks to Leni Lover & Ria)

Online - G1 Fashion Collections at Fashion Nova, Unique Vintage & Dolls Kill

It's retro time! At this moment, both Fashion Nova and Dolls Kill have a current G1-styled fashion line available. Both shops are filled with pastel colors and while Fashion Nova focuses on shirts, shorts and pants, Dolls Kill also have swimwear, shoes and accessories in their collection.
Update: Apparently Unique Vintage also has a My Little Pony collection right now!
(Thanks to Jessie & Sebby)

US - Retro Mane 6 Ponies at Meijer

Every now and then some new MLP merch is spotted at Meijer, and this time it's the line of retro Mane 6 ponies by Basic Fun! In this particular store only Rainbow Dash was missing, but we expect the full set to be available across stores.
(Thanks to Alyssa)

US - Surprise Rings, Stickers, Tattoos & Crayons at Dollar Tree

Several new items were found at Dollar Tree, including these fun looking surprise rings featuring Pony Life faces. Other items include sticker sheets, tattoo packs and two crayon bundles.
(Thanks to Victor)

US - Official MLP Diamond Paiting Kit

There are a lot of fake My Little Pony diamond painting sets around, but there seems to be an official version out now! This Fluttershy & Rainbow Dash design is available at JoAnn for $24.99.
(Thanks to Ria)

Online - Best Gift Ever Cinema Merch on Taobao

Remember going to the movies? Perhaps even remember the My Little Pony movie? Back then some cinemas featured My Little Pony themed popcorn buckets and mugs. Apparently in China a new line like this was made last year, specifically with Best Gift Ever designs. While we're not familiar with what is being played in cinemas around the globe, perhaps the Best Gift Ever special was shown in theaters in China?
(Thanks to Ayu)

UK - Double Doubles in New MLP Magazine

Nothing new here, but if you missed them in earlier magazines: the Fluttershy magazine figure + Pinkie Pie eraser are now included in the UK MLP magazine.
(Thanks to Sebby)

US - Magic Bubble Blower

Not sure if we've covered this before, but at TJ Maxx you can find this 'premium bubble solution' magic bubble blower. Aside from two stickers, there doesn't seem to be much MLP theming on this set.
(Thanks to Leni Lover)

US - Crayola Coloring Books

At Target you can now shop for new Crayola My Little Pony coloring books, including a G4 themed one with 96 pages for $2.99 and a G4.5 Color Wonder version with 16 pages and 3 markers for $4.99.
(Thanks to Leni Lover)

We tried our best to find all reports that we received since the last post, but if we missed your news, we're incredibly sorry! Feel free to write to us again if you feel it should be added here.


  1. It's kind of interesting to have old G4 stuff, Pony Life, and G5 stuff all in circulation!

  2. I just bought the 96 page my little pony coloring book last week at my local target

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