Amazon Shows Exclusive Set With 9 Ponies

Over on Amazon an exclusive My Little Pony multi-pack was just revealed, called the Royal Gala Collection. This set will included 9 molded-mane ponies, 4 of which are from the Mane 5, and comes with 13 additional accessories.

Thanks to the included description, we have a bit of backstory on this set, as well as the names of every pony included. Below this post you'll find the full description, but here are the names of all figures:

  • Sunny Starscout
  • Zipp Storm
  • Izzy Moonbow
  • Shutter Snap
  • Zoom Zephyrwing
  • Queen Haven
  • Dazzle Feather
  • Ruddy Sparks
  • (Princess) Pipp Petals

All figures are 3" tall ponies with 5 points of articulation and aside from Sunny and Izzy are all pegasi. They come with 13 accessories, including some shoes and wearable head accessories. Everything comes in a pink cardboard box and is fully recyclable.

Amazon Shows Exclusive Set With 9 Ponies

The Amazon listing has no expected release date or price yet, but it could be a matter of days before the listing is updated, so we'll keep an eye out for that!

Thanks to Brandon for the heads-up!

- MOVIE-INSPIRED COLLECTION PACK: Collection features characters and accessories inspired by the Royal Gala pop performance in the My Little Pony: A New Generation movie
- 23 PIECES: Includes 9 pony figures, 13 fashion and storytelling accessories, and an 8.5 x 11-inch Princess Petals movie poster
- ROYALS FROM ZEPHYR HEIGHTS: Collection pack features Sunny Starscout, Izzy Moonbow, the royal Pegasus family, and other flying friends
- ARTICULATED PONY FIGURES: Ponies are 3 inches tall with molded hair and 5 points of articulation - movable heads, arms, and legs
- SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING: Ships in simple, recyclable packaging that’s easy to open and frustration free
Meet Princess Petals, Zipp Storm, and Queen Haven: the royal Pegasus family from Zephyr Heights. When Sunny and Izzy crash their Royal Gala in search for a magical crystal, a pop star performance takes an unexpected turn! Imagine adventures in the clouds with the Amazon exclusive Royal Gala Collection, featuring characters and accessories inspired by the My Little Pony: A New Generation movie. Includes pony characters from the film: Princess Petals, Zipp Storm, Sunny Starscout, Izzy Moonbow, and Queen Haven. Also get to know Pegasus friends from Zephyr Heights: the royal guard Zoom Zephyrwing, paparazzi pony Shutter Snap, TV host Dazzle Feather, and stage manager Ruddy Sparks. These 9 pony figures are 3 inches tall with molded hair and 5 points of articulation. Also comes with Princess Petals movie poster and 13 outfit and story accessories. This My Little Pony: A New Generation movie toy makes a great gift for kids.


  1. Oh my god. I need these.

    While I wish there was a bit more mold variety (and brushable hair), the fact that there are so many new characters who are all articulated is so exciting to me. The designs are all pretty good as well, especially the one with the camera aperture symbol (Shutter Snap?); her(?) color scheme is absolutely perfect!

    I'll definitely be stalking this listing. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

  2. I love this set! Very nice execution on the designs. Needs more variation in the molds but these look quite well-made. Interesting approach going with a few exclusive releases for retail outlets.

  3. Sad how low quality are the eye prints and I guessing in the show and movie the other ponies will have different hairstyles

    1. Well, the eye print quality only looks so bad because it's blown up so big. These are 3-inch figures with smaller heads than G4 brushables- I'm sure they'll look better in person.

  4. The two ponies with the zipp mold are actually colts ;).
    (Zoom Zephyrwing & Ruddy Sparks)

  5. g5 is my favourite generation

  6. In the description, it revealed that Pipp Petals, Zipp Storm and Queen Haven are confirmed they're "the royal Pegasus family"... I KNEW IT!!! So, Queen Haven is a the mother of Pipp Petals and Zipp Storm!

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  9. Okay, I think that this is correct. The names seem to be give in the order of the ponies as shown. So, debuting here:

    Shutter Snap = the white Pegasus mare with green mane & tail (shutter cutie mark)
    Zoom Zephyrwing = the blue Pegasus with the rook cutie mark
    Dazzle Feather = pink Pegasus with the star cutie mark
    Ruddy Sparks = the Pegasus with the hot peppers cutie mark

  10. I have them, and I like them. They're fairly cute in person. Plus it gives you more new toys then not new toys. The limbs can be a bit loose, and Pipp came to me with a broken ball joint right outta the box. So the QC on these might be iffy.