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Closer Look at the Entertainment Earth Exclusive G1 Pins

At MLP Merch we occasionally take a look at new release types or interesting figures to show you all details from in-hand merch. Today, with thanks to Nimrodel, we can take a closer look at the G1 pins that are exclusive to Entertainment Earth.

The enamel pins are an exclusive set from Loungefly (yes, that Loungefly) and feature six G1 ponies: Blossom, Blue Belle, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Minty, and Starshine, all with glittery manes and tails. Each pin is about 1.5 inch (3.8 cm) tall and all designs have gold-colored edges and back. To secure the pins they all come with metal pin backs in the same gold color.

All pins come individually packed in sky-blue boxes with rainbows and artwork of Starshine. These are all blind packs, so other ponies don't have separate boxes with their own artwork. The outer/display box has the same design and contains 12 packs.

The listing for that 12-pack on Entertainment Earth says that the selection of pins is random, but also mentions a distribution of 2 pins per pony, with the exception of 3 Cotton Candy and a single Starshine pin. Yet, on the photos we can see that a perfectly balanced set of pins is also possible. But we have to go with the warnings on the listings, so can't guarantee that this is the case for all.

Interested in these pins but missed the first batch? Entertainment Earth has listed them again with an expected release in November:

Thanks again to Nimrodel for taking time to send in these photos!

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