Royal Racing Ziplines Found in Walmart Store!

We already posted about the first G5 merch item found in-store, but the first Hasbro set has now been spotted as well! Twitter user SomeRandomName spotted the Royal Racing Zipline set at their local Walmart, and was able to pick it up for $39.97.

Thanks to this we can now see what the the (Princess) Pipp Petals figure looks like in real-life, as well as the included Cloudpuff and of course the complete zipline castle. We've included detailed photos below, but videos of the zipline in action can be found on their Twitter. Whether this set was supposed to be released this early is unknown, so far it's the only find we heard of.

Below are the comparison photos with Pipp Petals next to several iterations of G4(.5) ponies. The body is noticably longer and thinner, and the wings are much more defined in contrast to that of a G4 Fluttershy. The figures does have very noticable mold lines, but that could be an issue with this particular figure. It's something to keep an eye on for other releases in the next weeks.

Also part of the Royal Racing Zipline set is this cute sticket sheet of Pipp!

Many thanks to SomeRandomName for the photos and NightDJ for the heads-up!


  1. This is so awesome! They're not selling any MLP G5 stuff at my Walmart yet but its so great to know that they're coming out soon. :)

  2. Always exciting to see a new Gen rollout, no matter one’s thoughts on the line.

    I’m disappointed to see just how tiny they’ve gone with some of these ponies again, though they are fairly detailed at least. Tiny figures were fun as a kid, but I had a real love for how substantial and comfortable G1 ponies felt in my little hands. G3 was really the only other Gen to replicate that feel, along with that recent big G4.5 Pony Life playset with like 6 ponies in it.

    I imagine the downsizing is partly due to increasing material costs, but I can’t help but feel it diminishes the impact of MLP to go the wee route. I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of the line looks IRL.

  3. Great ti see them in real life!
    But to be honest, in comparison to G4 and G4.5 the quality of the toy seems to have downgraded...maybe it's just this line but the pony looks pretty cheap. A pity if this keeps up with all of the line :(

  4. Yay plastic hair ponies ����

  5. They sure keep making them smaller every gen, huh.

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  7. When I look at those comparison pictures I am concerned, because this hard plastic pony does not look like a My Little Pony in comparison to the other gens. In fact, Pipp seems completely out of place. The pony looks a lot like a Kinder Surprise toy, or a cake topper. When toys have seams like that, they are usually mechanical and compensate their slightly robotic appearance with functionality. That's not the case here: this is a small, cheaply produced poseable pony- nothing more. There are better alternatives out there. Hatchimals Pixie Riders and Wilder Wings equines come to mind, as well as other animal and pet based toys.

    Why not produce beautiful seamless vinyl ponies, like the poseable and brushable G2s or the poseable G4 movie toys? The G5 vinyl ponies already have nice seamless bodies, they are softer to the touch (emulating the softness of fur), and last but certainly not least they can be produced with high quality doll hair, allowing the child to style the pony.

    Hasbro is willing to invest millions of dollars to create a spectacular 3D animation and abandons their actual goal: producing great MLP toys. Today's children may have higher standards when it comes to animation... But great animations create great demands translating in higher standards for toys. Disney and Pixar always made sure they also produced high quality toys for this very reason. High accuracy, high quality, great designs. Animation can only carry MLP so far.

    I still believe the G5 design in of itself is great, but it is troubling to see how poorly the design translated to this particular toy.

    1. Agree wholeheartedly with these observations. What’s also strange is to have so many different toy sizes and styles required to use them with the playsets. Whatever happened to a cohesive line of interchangeable ponies, clothing, accessories and playsets?

    2. Having seen that the brushable set is the same poor-quality plastic, I actually assume that Hasbro doesn't expect the new generation to be a huge success to begin with and therefore tries to rules out a potential huge profit loss by manufacturing everything as cheap as possible while keeping the usual prices.

  8. After trying several different Walmarts over the past week, I'm really happy to say I finally found the royal racing ziplines set today! (the only box in the store too!) Unfortunately, there's some things about the set that really bother. For one thing, the material that Pipp is made out of is very cheap imo and assembling the ziplines is pretty difficult (am still trying to assemble the ziplines as I type, it doesn't match up with the instructions for some reason). It's a decent set but there are multiple ways it could be improved.