Better Look at Vondels Sunny Ornament + Izzy and Pipp

Last week we posted about the Sunny Starscout ornament that was found on the website of Dutch Christmas ornament company Vondels. After having contact with them, it was clear that the photos weren't final, and better ones were coming our way. Today we can show you better pictures of Sunny, plus an exclusive look at their Izzy and Pipp ornaments too!

All ornaments are mouth blown and hand painted, after which they got decorated with plenty of glitter to sparkle up your Christmas tree. The new images better show the colors, contrast and curves on the Sunny figure, which give a more realistic representation of the ornament than the earlier photos did.

With a first look at Izzy and Pipp we can see that, regardless of the hand labor, they didn't skip on details, such as the flowing manes, Izzy's bracelet and Pipp's tiara.

The glass ornaments are planned for a release on September 1st, after which they will be (re-)listed on the Vondels site.


  1. So Sunny's just a weird one, huh? These are pretty cute, actually! I'd bet that it's just the individual Sunny they used for the stock images that looks so wonky. Izzy and Pipp both look pretty great!

  2. They almost have this older ornament charm about them, but I couldn't explain why. They're cuter then their regular releases.

    1. They do kind of have a vintage look to them! I think it's the pastel colors, soft sculpts (details less defined), chubby blushed cheeks, and the fact that they're handmade. You also don't see a lot of glass ornaments based on kid-targeted characters these days; to be fair, it is a smart move to make them last longer in most of the households which would display them, but there's something about the glass that makes them pretty.

      I do wish the eye and symbol decals were higher quality, though, and that they'd done something with the space between their legs (a hill, gift pile, etc.) instead of just leaving it plain. As-is, though, these are really nice!