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Vondels Sunny & Izzy Christmas Ornament Review

A couple of weeks ago we were happy to report that My Little Pony G5 glass ornaments from our own country were announced and coming this September. Aside from information, we are happy to report that we also got review ornaments from Vondels, which we can finally show to you.

Better Look at Vondels Sunny Ornament + Izzy and Pipp

Last week we posted about the Sunny Starscout ornament that was found on the website of Dutch Christmas ornament company Vondels. After having contact with them, it was clear that the photos weren't final, and better ones were coming our way. Today we can show you better pictures of Sunny, plus an exclusive look at their Izzy and Pipp ornaments too!



My Little Pony Sunny Starscout Glass Ornament by Vondels
Christmas is 4 months away but that doesn't mind we can have some Christmas ornaments already! And it looks like we'll have the first G5 one, and it's a release from our own country! 
Dutch company Vondels has listed this cute Sunny Starscout Chrismas ornament. According to the listing she's 9 centimeters (3.5 inches) tall, hand painted and mouth blown so every piece is unique. She will also come in a nice gift box.