My Little Pony A New Generation Lights Shimmer Action Playset
A "new" playset has been spotted called Lights Shimmer Action. Well, it's not actually like one we never seen before. It's actually almost completely the same as the Royal Racing Ziplines playset. The difference for this one being some of the colors have changed, but the biggest difference is in my opinion the inclusion of Zipp Storm.
Besides that the ponies included are not articulated and translucent, however. There bodies does seem to have more detail like painted wings. The playset itself has also been a bit simplified with the exclusision of several accesories and details, and cloudpuff is missing too. It does include a nice decal of the two sisters though! We've included a comparison below.
This set is listed on Shopee Singapore and listed for $84.90 SGD which translates to roughly $62 USD. It's unsure if and where this set will be released in other countries as well. If you find it please let us know! Have the official description below.

Thanks to Tomo for the heads up!

My Little Pony A New Generation Lights Shimmer Action PlaysetMy Little Pony A New Generation Lights Shimmer Action Playset

  • 22-INCH ZEPHYR HEIGHTS PLAYSET: Large-scale light-up toy inspired by the look of the royal Pegasus palace in My Little Pony: A New Generation movie
  • 2 ZIPLINE RACE PONIES: Kids can attach 3-inch Princess Petals and Zipp Storm figures to the ziplines. Send these royal sisters racing from the tower to center stage! 
  • LIGHT-UP STAGE: Performance stage at the center of the playset has a light up effect to imagine magical royal performances
  • ACTIVE ADVENTURES IN THE CLOUDS: Figures can sit in the swing, hang out in the throne room, and even flip upside down on a trap door to imagine lots of different adventures in the palace 
  • ROYAL FUN WITH SISTERS: Imagine the 2 Pegasus Princesses are getting ready for a show with 3 fashion accessories. Toy makes a great gift for 5 year old girls and boys and up

Meet the Pegasus Princesses of Zephyr Heights: Princess Petals and Zipp Storm. These sisters are royally unique! Imagine them arriving for a show in style with the Lights Shimmer Action playset.    

Inspired by the Zephyr Heights palace in the My Little Pony : A New Generation movie, this castle playset for girls and boys is 22 inches / 56 centimeters tall. Attach the 2 included Princess Petals and Zipp Storm figures to the ziplines. Then, send them racing from the tallest tower in the castle down to the performance stage. The stage lights up for imagining even more magic! Includes 3 fashion accessories and fun, active play spaces within the castle. Includes 3-inch Princess Petals figure, a pink pony with molded purple hair, and Zipp Storm, a cloud-white pony with pink hair. Makes a great holiday or birthday gift for kids ages 5 years old and up!


Comparison between the two releases.


  1. I wouldn't say that's the biggest difference- The stage pullout has a slightly modified sculpt along with a new light up feature, the playset is missing the foil curtain, the ponies are opaque rather than translucent entirely, the ponies are not articulated like before, and it's missing a lot of the accessories and cloudpuff. Y'all are really starting to skip over big details and posting stuff late and it's showing I-

    1. I indeed noticed it when I was preparing images for the database this morning. Added more info to the post and added a comparison.

  2. Thanks for all the time you spend and hard work keeping us updated!