Play by Play Shows New Plush - Including Hitch

Over on the Play by Play website a new listing for My Little Pony G5 plush was spotted today, revealing the very first Hitch plush! With this new set, Play by Play extends their G5 line-up with soft manes, in addition to their earlier range of brushable plush.

And this time it's not just the mares: the set features the complete mane 5, so Hitch isn't left behind this time. All ponies seem to come with their appropriate accessories, with the exception for Izzy's bracelet. The hooves and wings have a shiny finish, and all ponies are 10" (25cm) tall (though, Zipp's hair might push her to 11").

A retail price or release date hasn't been given yet, aside from 'Coming Soon'. It's also unsure whether these Play by Play plush will be sold outside of Europe.

Thanks to Galaxy-Paradise for the heads-up!


  1. I'm really glad Hasbro seems to be very careful about who to give a MLP merch license with G5. So far all plushies are recognisable as who they are supposed to be, couldn't say that for the first few years of G4 that were flooded with spaghetti manes (Funrise I'm looking at you).

  2. supremecommandressAugust 06, 2021 1:21 PM

    Hey, the spaghetti-manes are good and recognizable…the real culprits were the hideous monstrosities I’d see at Target and such…