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Target Lists Shining Adventures Collection + More G5
After a long silence, Target finally added their range of My Little Pony G5 to their online shop, including the new Shining Adventures Collection! That set was found yesterday, but other than the photo and the price of $49.99 we had no further information. Now with the online listing we can see that it doesn't mention it being exclusive to Target and that the figures are indeed 6" tall.



My Little Pony A New Generation Shining Adventures Collection
A brand new set has appeared in stores! This particular set has been found at Target and it looks like these are the actual ones that have been showcased in the VA video. As you can see this set contains the whole mane 5, but also Deputy Sprout who was announced as "Sprout" when the voice actors got revealed.


In a video on the My Little Pony Instagram page the Voice Actors show brushable variants of the ponies that they voice. While a separate series on Youtube shows only figures that were already announced, the Instagram video reveals brand new figures of Hitch and Zipp.

Stock Photos of Best Movie Friends Found - Including Hitch & Zipp!

Yesterday our post about a new line of single brushables that were found in-store totally blew up! Actual single brushables of Izzy, Pipp and Sunny really brought up some discussion, if only for the fact that the ponies come tied to the backcard, instead of being encased.

Hasbro Reveals Complete G5 Toyline (Including Brushables!)

We've seen the official announcement, reveals on registration sites, wholesalers and also on Amazon Canada. But today is the day the embargo is officially lifted, and Hasbro reveals the full line of toys on the My Little Pony website, and at the same time Walmart has them listed (though well hidden).

We've seen most of the toys already, but not all with these detailed photos, and there's new stuff too! At the same time Hasbro revealed the cast of voice actors for My Little Pony: a New Generation and the final logo. Though, the logo is still nowhere to be seen on the product packaging.

My Little Pony Zipp Storm Crystal Adventures a new Generation Figure

Images for the first playsets already surfaced a few days ago. But now Toy Wholesaler website ABGee has listed a huge amount of upcoming merchandise for the upcoming My Little Pony: A New Generation movie. Some of these we've seen before during the first presentation by Hasbro, but we'll also get a look at some new sets we haven't seen before. We've listed all of them below: