Toys'R'Us Canada Lists Sunny Starscout Hallmark Ornament

I still can't believe Christmas is less than four months away... Anyway, about a week ago we found the first G5 ornament, and now, we've found a new one! This time it's one made by a company we all know by now: Hallmark. This particular ornament of Sunny Starscout is listed on the Toys'R'Us Canada website.

She's about 3.13 inches tall (8 centimeters) and will be available for $10.99 CAD ( about $8.50 USD) However she's not in stock at the moment. It's also unsure if Sunny will be the only pony released as this was the only listing I could find at the moment, but if we find more we'll let you know!

An optimistic dreamer, Sunny Starscout is sure to bring love and harmony to the season. Perfect for making holiday spirits bright, this My Little Pony Christmas tree ornament features the adventurous, and often comedic, orange pony with a vibrant pink mane and tail.
  • Made of resin
  • This Hallmark Ornament measures 2.63 x 3.13 x 1.25 inches
  • The ornament is ready to hang on your Christmas tree with a hanger attachment
Toys'R'Us Canada Lists Sunny Starscout Hallmark Ornament


  1. This one doesn't look like it knows exactly when I'll die and is ready to consume my soul the moment I do, so that's a plus! Her hair is more purple-with-pink than pink-with-purple, but who's gonna nitpick when it isn't absolutely terrifying?

  2. interesting that her cutie mark is on both sides because she only has one in the movie trailer.