Amazon Introduces Box With MLP A New Generation Design

Now that My Little Pony: A New Generation premiered on Netflix, we slowly start to see more releases, but also promotions. One of which is apparently Amazon, who now ship select orders in boxes with a full color limited edition MLP G5 design.

Where Amazon occasionally wraps their shipping packages with sponsored tape, this time the whole box got a new design: the box has a background with color gradients and a starry pattern, and on the larger sides of the box we can see the My Little Pony: A New Generation logo, as well as Pipp Petals, Izzy Moonbow, Sunny Starscout and Zipp Storm posing together. The QR code printed on the box will not bring you to the Netflix page (as expected, as that is a competitor to their own Prime Video service), but instead lead you to the My Little Pony brand page. On the inside of the box are small coloring cutouts of the 4 ponies that are also shown on the outside of the box.

Amazon Introduces Box With MLP A New Generation DesignAmazon Introduces Box With MLP A New Generation Design

The order that this box came with (thanks NightDJ!) didn't contain any My Little Pony items, but it's possible that this box is used for orders with toys or collectibles only. It's also not known whether this promotional box is used across multiple Amazon facilities or is limited to a certain region. We didn't get any other reports of this box yet, so it seems that the chances are pretty slim.

If you want to try your luck though, and order MLP G5 stuff on Amazon, know that we have an idea list available with all figures and merch we could find at the moment. If you happen to receive anything in this limited edition box, do let us know in the comments!

Amazon Introduces Box With MLP A New Generation DesignAmazon Introduces Box With MLP A New Generation Design


  1. I saw some people on Twitter got items delivered in this box. One item was a book and the other a sex toy. I recently ordered a webcam hoping to get this box since it seemed like it'd be the right size, but the webcam was shipped in a bubble mailer instead :/ I would love to have this for my box collection.

    1. PFT, the sex toy one is hilarious. no rhyme or reason to distributing these boxes, i guess.

  2. Neat! I hope I get one if I order from there anytime soon. What a cute box!

    In other news, this thing has reared its ugly head:
    I never, EVER thought a G5 without eyebrows would look like this, but, wow, does this thing look awful! I know she's generally the least popular of the new Mane ponies, but Pipp really does deserve better!