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Amazon Introduces Box With MLP A New Generation Design

Now that My Little Pony: A New Generation premiered on Netflix, we slowly start to see more releases, but also promotions. One of which is apparently Amazon, who now ship select orders in boxes with a full color limited edition MLP G5 design.

My Little Pony Royal Racing Zipline Playset with Princess Pipp and Cloudpuff

Two days ago ABGee listed a lot of new upcoming G5 Toys, but now they have posted the listings for two more: The Singing Princess Pipp and the Royal Racing Zipline Playset.

My Little Pony G5 Plush by Play by Play

Almost two months ago the first G5 plush were spotted. They were made by Just Play, were quite small and had manes made out of single pieces of fabric. Now the company Play by Play has listed new G5 plushies on their Spanish website, which look very different than the ones found before.

My Little Pony G5 Pipp and Sunny Figures

The newest issue of the Toyworld Magazine includes some nice pictures of some of the upcoming G5 toys. The first being the Sunny Starscout which we already saw during Hasbro's Investor event this year, however, now we finally get a better look at it alongside an upcoming toy of Pipp.

My Little Pony G5 Officially Announced

My Little Pony is making the jump to the 5th generation this year. The new generation will start with a Netflix-exclusive movie and series, as well as a new web-series on YouTube. Along with the new style of animation and characters come a brand new line of figures from Hasbro as well.


My Little Pony G5 Sunny the Earth Pony Screenshot
This monday a bedding manufacturer has listed an image for possible G5-themed bedding. It was already quite likely that this indeed would be the style for the fifth generation but now we have confirmation as well of the names of the main characters.