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Store Finds: Magazines, Pony Collections, G5 Releases & More

We're back with a new store finds post and have plenty to share with you! More regions get the Sunny magazine figure, and several sets have been found in stores and online now. And there's also a spinner watch. Check all details out below!

If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - Friendship for All Collection at Walmart

Remember the basic Mane 6 Pony Friend figures that started popping up in Singapore, Germany and at Five Below in the past? While they were affordable, some serious shortcuts were taken on the design of them (especially Rainbow Dash with her mono-colored mane, tail and cutie mark). Luckily at Walmart there now is a Mane 6 set with molded-mane and better painted eyes, manes, tails and cutie marks. The set is called Friendship for All Collection and is available online for $19.88.
(Thanks to Splash Lights Photos)

US - Meijer Stocks Favorites Together Collection

And after a long silence we finally have a new report on merch at Meijer! They now have the G4 and G5 crossover set Favorites Together Collection available, which features 3 brushable ponies from both generations in a single set.
(Thanks to Victor)

Poland - Sunny Magazine Figures With More Accessories

In Poland, where we usually hear first from in regards to magazine figures, it took a bit longer for Sunny Starscout to become available, but they compensate for that by including more accessories! In contrast to the version found in France, the Polish magazine also includes a full rollerskate outfit, cart, balloons, a cup and her shoulder bag. We also received a video showing all accessories in detail!
(Thanks to FankaKM and Pedant)

Belgium - G5 Figures and Activity Sets

When we were in Belgium for a daily we finally saw the first G5 sets in-store! Out last check in The Netherlands was still only discounted G4 ponies, our southern neighbours can already get their hands on the figures and Totum activity sets seen in the photos. These were found at Fun, but we expect more toy stores to carry G5 merch now.

The Netherlands - Sunny Starscout Magazine Figure

What is available in our The Netherlands, but wasn't found by us, is the Sunny Starscout figure that comes with this months MLP magazine. This first G5 magazine comes with the regular release, so not the Sunny with additional accessories that was found in Poland. Within the magazine is also a poster that features the Mane 5.
(Thanks to Nyaa Kitty)

UK - New Magazine With Rarity Stationery Set

However, in the UK the magazine is still mainly G4 themed, though there is also a small Hitch on the cover. No idea about the contents of the actual magazine, but this months issue comes with a Rarity stationery set, which includes a Rarity-shaped eraser!
(Thanks to Lonnie)

France - G5 Ravensburger Puzzles

And we have even more news from the European continent! In France these two Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles with G5 designs were found. It's unknown at which store, but Ravensburger is such a common name that I can imagine that these will soon be widely available.
(Thanks to sachi_moki)

Poland - Crystal Adventure Figures at Carrefour

And we go back to Poland again where at Carrefour the first Crystal Adventure figures have been spotted. They go for 49.99 PLN each (about $12.70) and at least Pipp, Sunny and Zipp have been found so far.
(Thanks fo FankaKM)

Canada - Snow Party Countdown Advent Calendar on Amazon

While the G5 Advent Calendar is currently sold out on Amazon US, over in Canada it just released and is still available. The listing there doesn't seem to ship internationally however, so hopefully the calendar restocks in the US soon.
(Thanks to the_pony_room)

US - Detailed Look at Ride-On Plush Izzy Moonbow

Back in August we reported on the upcoming release of a motorized Izzy Moonbow plush by Dynacraft. Izzy has now been found at Walmart stores for $89, and we can share more detailed photos about the "plush", as well as the packaging it comes with.
(Thanks to Samantha)

US - Spinner Watch

A watch with a spinner. I really have no idea what the use of this is, but at least it has a cute G4 print on it and is only $6.88 at Walmart.
(Thanks to Rana)

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