Dollar General Releases (Best) Movie Friends 2-Packs

It's been a quiet week in regards to news and releases, but thanks to @UnicornToyBox we finally have something new to share with you, and it's pretty interesting! Over at Dollar General you can now find these 2-packs of 3" figures combining both Movie Friends (molded-mane) and Best Movie Friends (brushable) figures in one pack for $8.

Found are combinations of non-sparkly Hitch with brushable Sunny and a pack with molded-mane Zipp and brushable Pipp. All of these have been released in other sets, but are not always easy to find. Each pack includes one comb that matches the color of those included with the Best Movie Friends ponies.

Dollar General Releases (Best) Movie Friends 2-Packs

These two combinations are the only ones spotted so far, and if that is the complete line-up that would mean that Izzy is left out. Normally it's Hitch who we considered to be the 'Applejack of G5', but this shows that there are certainly exceptions to that. Of course if anyone is able to find more combinations we'd be happy to hear about it.

At this moment the Dollar General website does not yet list these 2-packs, so right now it's in-store only. As mentioned earlier these packs are available for $8 each, which is in line with the MSRP of both figures ($2.99 and $4.99).


  1. great to see! i got the zipp and hitch individuals at dollar TREE. hoping to find the favorites together my little pony ones somewhere local soon