Store Finds: Inflatable Christmas Ponies, Tiny Styling Head, Happy Hair & More

We have plenty of pony merch to share with you today! Mostly (brand new) licensed merch from around the globe, but also news on Hasbro G5 figures in Europe.

If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

The Netherlands - G5 Now Widely Available

It took a very long time, but in the past few weeks G5 started to pop-up in most toy stores across The Netherlands. We've spotted figures at Toy Champ and Intertoys (and even a Pipp trying to escape), but we're sure that all toy stores will have a collection by now, especially with 'Sinterklaas' coming up!
(Thanks to melissafiona1979 for the top photo)

US - Inflatable Christmas Ponies

Seasonal inflatable ponies are back! We've seen a Christmas Pinkie Pie before at Home Depot, and this year we get two new options: Twilight Sparkle or Pinkie Pie, both with Christmas hats and energy-efficient LED lighting. Both are $29.99 each, but Pinkie Pie was found at Menards and Twilight Sparkle was bought from At Home.
(Thanks to Victor)

US - Pony Life Hand Sanitizer

By the looks of it we're going to need to keep our hands sparkly clean for a bit longer, and you can do that perfectly on the go with these MLP hand sanitizers, one of which comes with a lip balm as well. They're both spotted at CVS and feature Pony Life designs. We're unsure whether these have been around for a while, or that a weird choice has been made to use Pony Life artwork over G5.
(Thanks to Axolotl Fairy)

US - My Little Pony Tattle Tales Starts to Ship Out

One of the more popular pre-orders in the past months was the My Little Pony Tattle Tales book, which comes with 4 pony figures. At the moment it's listed as not available, but with the first batch being sent this week we're sure a second wave will be available soon.
(Thanks to Samantha)

Germany - Friendship Shine Collection & G5 Display

We got news from two German store chains! First the Friendship Shine Collection, which bundles G4 and G5 blind bag-sized ponies, at Karstadt for €29,99. Looking for more? At Müller they have a bigger display with merch, but it's a bit mixed with sets ranging from G5 all the way back to MLP: The Movie sets from 2017.
(Thanks to Andreas)

US - 2022 Wall Calendar

2022 is going to be the year of My Little Pony... Pony Life!? Yes, on Amazon you can get this 16-month wall calendar featuring cute Pony Life artwork for each month. Prefer something else than Pony Life? Amazon also offers a G4 wall calendar and... another G4 calendar. Weirdly enough no G5 variants have been spotted, yet.
(Thanks to Victor)

US - Tiny Sunny Style Pony at Five Below

Back in July we reported on a 10" styling pony by Just Play, but apparently they also have a smaller pony in their line-up! At Five Below this tiny styling Sunny Starscout was spotted, which appears to be just marginally taller than a regular brushable.
(Thanks to Sebby)

US - Bracelet Activity Surprise

Want your own friendship bracelet, just like Izzy? Over at Dollar General you can find these Bracelet Activity Surprise boxes for $5.97 containing a colorful bracelet with pony-themed charms. It's unclear whether the pony charm on the front reveals what bracelet is inside, so that remains a mystery for now!
(Thanks to Samantha)

Australia - MLP x Happy Hair

Over in Australia Happy Hair announced their line of My Little Pony hair-care and hair accessories. Their shampoos, conditioners, extensions and brushes are released at separate moments starting today! This will include their bottles of shampoo, conditioners and 3-in-1 formula. Next week on 17 Nov their pony-inspired extensions will ship out and finally on December first they'll release their range of various brushes.
All ponies from the mane 5 are present, so you can pick a brush and extension that match your favorite pony. All items can be found on their special MLP x Happy Hair page.
(Thanks to Pony)

Australia - Drink Bottle at Australia Post

We stay in Australia and take a look in this Australia Post ad. They recently added this G5 loop tritan drink bottle to their catalog, so you can drink on to go in style.
(Thanks to chirpytoys)

New Zealand - Countdown Stocks Best Movie Friends

Living one country further and looking for ponies? Time to visit your local Countdown and check the toy aisle for the Best Movie Friends. They're $8.50 each and by the looks of it there's plenty of stock.
(Thanks to Lauren)

UK - Chocolate Advent Calendar and Lollies

At Asda stores in the UK you can now find a chocolate-filled Advent Calendar and chocolate lollies, both made by Kinnerton. As we heard their chocolate quality isn't the best, but you can always keep them for the packaging! And no, it's not like we have chocolate advent calendars laying around from 5 years ago (okay, yes we have).
(Thanks to Sebby)


  1. I've seen those sanitizers around at CVS before for sure. I can't remember exactly how old they are but it was before the new movie came out

  2. The Pinkie and Twilight Airblown Inflatables are made by Gemmy Industries, which is the same company that made the Pinkie Pie Easter/Halloween greeters. Gemmy is Also best known for their tabletop animatronics, such as Big Mouth Billy Bass, Dancing Hamsters, Frogz, and Douglas Fir the Talking Tree.

  3. The Pinkie inflatable was found at Walmart this year.

  4. I have the older Pinkie inflatable, but I did run into the new one earlier this year.

  5. I have all three sanitizer bottles. There are Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight Sparkle. I got them last year when I saw them at my local CVS.

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