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G5 My Little Pony Pez Coming in 2022 - Votes Determine 3rd Character

Over on the German My Little Pony Instagram page Hasbro has revealed that next year a new wave of My Little Pez candy-dispensers is coming with G5 figures. What the complete line-up will be lays in the hands of German My Little Pony fans: aside from Sunny and Izzy you can vote on which other Mane 5 character should be included in the line-up.

Pez has been releasing MLP-themed candy-dispensers since 2014, but the final figures are from 2017. They never completed the G4 Mane 6, and seeing this vote for a 3rd character might indicate that we'll see the same fate for G5. At the moment Pipp seems to most popular of the 3, but the vote is open until the 15th of December.

The post doesn't reveal the designs of Sunny and Izzy just yet, but perhaps we'll get to see the designs soon after the voting has ended. When more news comes out on these figures we'll be sure to share it with you!

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