My Little Pony Izzy Moonbow Crystal-Themed Single

Slowly but steady new merch for the upcoming spring line-up for 2022 is being spotted online. This morning we can add some new toys to that list as an  Indonesian website named Ruparupa has listed new Crystal-themed singles.

This release includes 2-inch singles of the five main ponies for G5, that being Hitch, Izzy, Pipp, Sunny and Zipp. From the look of it they seem to be made of one solid piece of translucent plastic with no signs of articulation. (If I'm right) The packaging is also quite interesting to see as you can't see the figure itself but they actually included a render on the front which also serves to show the actual size of the figure. The packaging also states the packaging is completely plastic-free (aside from tape and glue) which, in my opinion, is a huge plus in my book. However it's a bit dull to display them in packaging like this am I right?

According to the listing they are Rp 39.900 each which is about $3 USD so it's likely these are just some kind of budget release. No word yet when they will appear in other countries but let us know if you spot them! 

Thanks to June | red01 for the heads up!

My Little Pony Sunny Starscout Crystal-Themed SingleMy Little Pony Pipp Petals Crystal-Themed Single

My Little Pony Izzy Moonbow Crystal-Themed SingleMy Little Pony Hitch Trailblazer Crystal-Themed Single
My Little Pony Zipp Storm Crystal-Themed Single


  1. Y'know, as happy as I am to see these guys get their own blind bag-sized molds instead of continuing to recycle the G4.5 ones, I think I'll be skipping these. If $3 is what they'll end up retailing for in the States, then they really could've painted them, don't you think? As-is, they're basically G5 versions of the Dollar Tree figures.

    1. Pipp and Zipp don't even have wings. These feel ridiculously lazy even by hasbro standards

    2. They do have wings, but they're molded to the sides like the unarticulated 3 inch ponies. The translucent plastic makes them next to invisible, though.

  2. Does anyone know if these will be in the UK or not?

  3. Love them because I don't have high standards for quality and how they look and I love see-through stuff

  4. these are at the dollar tree in the US for $1.25 , i have the whole set :D