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Daybreaker XXRay Plus Statue Now Available for Pre-Order!

Last week we wrote about Daybreaker, the upcoming XXRay Plus statue from Mighty Jaxx, and today the pre-orders have officially opened for her!

The 8.5" statue of Daybreaker, the evil variant of Celestia from MLP:FiM Season 7, features a half dissected body and glittery orange mane. Her sculpt is based on the Princess Celestia XXRay statue from last year, but her mane is completely re-designed and she comes with the correct tiara, necklace and slippers.

Pre-orders can now be placed on the Mighty Jaxx website and app at $159, which includes free worldwide shipping. And if you sign-up with our referral link you get $10 off! The currently expected release date for her is June 2022.
Below we have the official description and some more detailed shots of Daybreaker from all sides.
The turn to the dark side continues with XXRAY Plus treatment of the corrupted Princess Celestia - Daybreaker!
The powerful XXRAY Plus: Daybreaker is captured in perfect detail. Her semi-translucent orange mane flows with glitter and mimics the intensity of a raging fire billowing in the wind. Metallic detailing adorns the XXRAY Plus: Daybreaker, who is depicted with a malevolent glare and evil grin. Dissected in Jason Freeny's iconic dissection style, XXRAY Plus: Daybreaker reveals a secret that lies within her heart!
She's the "better, prettier and more powerful version" of Princess Celestia, are you ready for the XXRAY Plus: Daybreaker to take over your collection?

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