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Mighty Jaxx Reveals Next XXRay Plus Statue: Daybreaker!

A very surprising reveal today from Mighty Jaxx with a new statue in their My Little Pony XXRay Plus line. After Princess Celestia and Nightmare Moon it isn't Princess Cadance, Luna or Twilight Sparkle. No, it's Daybreaker!

That's right, the evil form of Princess Celestia receive a first official figure release, and it's a 8.5" large specially sculpted one as well! Her body is partly based on that of Celestia, but comes with different accents and a glittery orange mane and tail. Her partly exposed skeleton and intestines only improve on the threatening aura that she emits. For now we only have two promo images available to share, but we hope to have more detailed shots of this statue on release date.

And that release date will be quite soon: she'll be available from February 26 on the Mighty Jaxx app and website. If you're planning on buying her, don't forget that new members can use our referral link for $10 off any order over $100.

Want to create a display with both Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon? You can! The XXRay Plus Nightmare Moon statue is back in stock now and available for $159, which includes free international shipping. Our referral link is valid for her as well.

Fun fact: Before this release Daybreaker only had one entry in our database, a CCG card from 2018.

Mighty Jaxx Reveals Next XXRay Plus Statue: Daybreaker!

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