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Pez Reveals Pipp As 3rd Character for 2022 Line-Up

Towards the end of 2021 the German Hasbro Instagram revealed to the world that we get to see a brand new line of Pez dispensers with G5 characters. Izzy and Sunny were already confirmed, and the 3rd character would be determined by votes received on the Instagram post.

When we heard about the post Pipp was well in the lead when going through the reactions, but after our blogpost we saw an increase in votes for Hitch. It wasn't easy to see all the responses, so it wasn't directly clear who would win this vote.

While we didn't see a direct follow-up on Instagram so far, Pez did just release their 2022 catalog which contains the answer to who received the most votes: it's Pipp who completes the first G5 Pez line-up. We of course hope that Zipp and Hitch will be added at a later moment, but after 7 years of G4 Pez we have yet to see Applejack and Rarity candy-dispensers...

At this moment the reveal is so fresh that the catalog doesn't contain any product images yet, so we hope to be able to reveal that soon!

Thanks to Aoife for the heads-up!

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