Loungefly Announces Dream Castle Bags & Pins

Loungefly introduced their My Little Pony retro collab last year with the release of Starshine bags and later with blind bag enamel pins. Now they're back with a new set, this time focusing on Dream Castle! And this time we're seeing bags and pins at the same time, all containing at least one reference to Dream Castle.

Starting with the header image: a crossbody bag that's shaped after the castle where you're greeted by Glory, Butterscotch, Sunlight and Blossom standing in the windows. The drawbridge can actually open, and the inside of the bag is lined with a lot of pony faces.

Next we have a mini backpack that also features the Dream Castle, but with more ponies on the front and also a sky in the back. The drawbrdige of this castle also opens and it has the same inner lining.

For something smaller Loungefly has the zip around wallet, featuring Megan and Sundance flying away from the Dream Castle. It's a functional wallet with room for plenty of cards, again with the pony lining behind the card holders.

And if there's a card that needs to be easily accessed or viewed, then fear not as there's a new lanyard to match! Plenty of ponies across the lanyard and card holder, and of course the Dream Castle isn't missing here either.

Last but not least: new pins! The blind bags see a return with a second wave containing the Dream Castle (1/12 chance), Megan & Skydancer, Moonstone, Parasol, Windy and Starshine. Alternatively there's a non-blind card with pins of Sunlight, Glory, Blossom and Butterscotch pictured within windows of the Dream Castle.

Below we have the listings of all new items on the Loungefly website. We expect more sites to get offer these towards the release date, and will keep you posted if any exclusives will follow (like the Entertainment Earth exclusive pins). Thanks to Jessie for the heads-up!


  1. These are cute! I may need to consider getting those pins!

  2. That’s Megan and Skydancer on the wallet, not Megan and Sundance.

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  4. Why are they keep banking in on G1 and not G4?