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Final G5 PEZ Design Shown - Release Following Soon

We had to look it up, but apparently it has been nearly a year since the original announcement from PEZ that their My Little Pony line would continue with brand new G5 candy dispensers. Some months later, in February of this year, Pipp Petals was revealed as the 3rd character for this line-up.

Little did we know that it would take another 8 months before we got any news from PEZ about the final designs. The sculpts for these figures are nicely done, with unique molds for all 3 ponies. Sunny has her ponytail and highlights, Izzy has her horn (although that's not really a feature) and the Pipp PEZ includes her tiara. The candy dispensers all have different colors to add some more variation on the set.

These will be released as regular PEZ pack with a single dispenser and 3 candy packs. And yes, will be, as they are not out yet. The expectation is that they will be released just before or after the holidays. In the mean time you can keep a look out at your local shops that stock PEZ or peek at the latest listings for MLP PEZ on Amazon or eBay.

Thanks to Pez Palz, PonyMalarkey and Solbit for the info!

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