Sunny Starscout Figure + Music Released for Toniebox

Collectors of NFC-enabled figures, like Amiibos, Disney Infinity or Skylanders might already be familiar with Tonies and their Toniebox: a music player that plays different songs or stories based on the figure that's placed on top of it. They have quite a collection of brands and figures, and as of last week my Little Pony is added to that list as well!

With Sunny Starscout the story and music from My Little Pony: A New Generation is now playable on Toniebox players, featuring the story from the movie and 4 separate songs for a total playtime of 60 minutes.

The figure itself features a dynamically posed Sunny with her bags and even a grass base (which contains the NFC chip) and a molded mane with glossy finish. At this moment she's the only available figure, but seeing as other brands tend to get more releases, it's very well possible that we'll see more released in the future.

It's curious that Tonies releases this licensed add-on now, as Hasbro uses a similar feature for their Musical Mane Melody playset, also playing music. And while that is compatible with different ponies, the playtime is much shorter than what is now included with the Sunny Starscout Tonie.

Sunny is only sold separately for $14.99 on the Tonies website. If you want to play the story and songs, you'll need a Toniebox available for $99.99 (also listed on Amazon). While sometimes offered for brands, there is no bundle available for both the figure and player.

Thanks to Aoife for the heads-up!


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