Rainbow Dash by Ricardo Cavolo Now Available for Pre-Order

The unique Rainbow Dash statue designed by Ricardo Cavolo that we posted about last week is now available for pre-order on the Mighty Jaxx website and app!

With Ricardo's signature sets of eyes and flames this Rainbow Dash statue is a unique piece and at 9" tall it's also quite an impressive statue as well. And while the photos that we currently have show the prototype version (the actual figures will be produced after the pre-orders end) we know from Mighty Jaxx that their final product is very close to the prototype design.

With an expected release date of May 2023, you can now place your pre-order at $199, which includes free worldwide shipping. And if you'd like to have $10 off that price, be sure to use our referral link to register and enjoy that discount.

And if you want to know more about our experience with larger Mighty Jaxx releases, check our review of the XXRay Plus Nightmare Moon statue.

Fiercely loyal, a little brash, and one of the best fliers in Equestria—Rainbow Dash has burst onto the scene. Sculpted through the eyes of Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo, Rainbow Dash is reimagined with two pairs of eyes—Ricardo’s signature element.
These eyes represent her strong sense of perspective. One one hand, this references her remarkable talent for flying, able to quickly react to different aerial situations. On the emotional front, it points towards her self-consciousness in front of others—she wants to be perceived as a strong, capable character.
This collectible features her successfully pulling off a Sonic Rainboom. This difficult feat was achieved during the Best Young Fliers competition, when she was saving her friends from plummeting to the ground during an accident—a character defining moment. Paired with the intense colors, and free-flowing lines, this collectible is a meaningful visual treat.


  1. Normally down for weird things that Mighty Jaxx makes. But, this one is just unsettling to me (and I liked the dissectibles). And that $200 price point is a hard sell.

    Maybe if it was half that I'd bite just for the novelty.

  2. Why did they hafta ruin such a nice sculpture that way?

  3. Even if you tried to remove one set, it'd be problematic. The painted eyes are too low, and the eyes set in the proper place are bulging and freakish. As a matter of fact, this kind of reminds me of those adult happy meal toys they put out a couple months ago. They've got 4 eyeballs too.


  5. What a nice statue. The rainbow horse reminds me a song.

  6. im literally in love with this design the eyes are gorgeous

  7. This is awesome. The two sets of eyes are beautifully unique- I love it. $200 is a hard sell though