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XXRay Plus Nightmare Moon Statue Review
Yesterday the pre-orders for Mighty Jaxx's latest My Little Pony statue, Daybreaker, opened with an expected release in June. And while we have written reviews of the Hidden Dissectibles and Kwistal Fwenz, we never got the chance to review these large statues.But today, with many thanks to Mighty Jaxx, we get to review the XXRay Plus Nightmare Moon statue that was the latest addition to the line-up of 8.5" alicorn figures before the announcement of Daybreaker.


Mighty Jaxx ships theses with free worldwide shipping, and thanks to their partnership with DHL this doesn't mean slow shipping at all. In all it took 3 days to ship from Singapore to The Netherlands, which is impressive for a service included in the price.

Outer Packaging

The box leaves nothing to the imagination: just like the other shipments we received from Mighty Jaxx the name and product photo of the included figure is printed on the outside. While this makes it easy to confirm that you received the right item without opening it, you need to be aware of this if you're ever planning on gifting one.

The inside of the packaging has the same protection as we've seen with the full boxes of Hidden Dissectibles and Kwistal Fwens. This means styrofoam offsets on all the edges to ensure the cardboard box isn't touching the goodies inside. We received our box without any damage, and with the offsets we have barely any litter from packaging materials.

Display Box

This was a huge surprise for us: on the product page there is no display box in sight, neither in the description or among the images. But in reality, once you open the box, they certainly took their time to design one!
The display box is made of sturdy translucent plastic that is partly printed with images of both sides of Nightmare Moon and on the the previous My Little Pony logo. We're not sure if it's well visible, but around the box is a foil to ensure the box stays closed during shipping. Once the foil is off the box is opened easily from the bottom, where you can remove a black envelope, the backdrop and the Nightmare Moon figure itself, encased in a plastic mold.

The Figure

The first thing that really pops out is the incredibly glittery mane and tail that she has! We opened her in direct sunlight, and it seems as if she was glowing. This forms a nice contracts with the solid colors on the body and intestines. This is completed with a metallic finish on the helmet, necklace and shoes. That necklace also features a shiny moon-shaped gem, a nice touch.
We spotted a few places with overflow between two paint colors, but that's only visible if you look at the figure closely. From a small distances everything looks sharp, greatly helped by the solid colors of her body as mentioned earlier.
We'll be sure to give her a nice place, as with 8.5" tall she makes an incredible display piece.


If you get a figure this big and special, you want to make sure it's authentic. Luckily you can check that both physically and digitally with the XXRay Plus figures. First, in the envelop that's included in the display box we find a certificate of authenticity. But, even without that physical piece of paper you can confirm the legitimacy of the actual figure with the included Forreal NFC chip. It's located under a sticker around her chest, and with the Mighty Jaxx app you can scan this chip to confirm the ownership of the statue. If you get it new out of the box you get the chance to register it to your personal account and see it in your digital collection shelve.
Transferring ownership can also be done from the app if you're every planning on selling it.


Mighty Jaxx has recently re-stocked Nightmare Moon on their website while supplies last. She's listed for $159, which includes the mentioned free worldwide shipping, and if you use our referral link you'll even get $10 off.

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