Pop Mart MLP Pretty Me Up Series Now Available on Amazon

We're a bit late with the news on this new set by Pop Mart, but we still wanted to get the news out there, especially since they are available internationally now. If you haven't seen this set yet, or didn't know they can be found on Amazon yet, then read on!

This third set 'Pretty me up' by Pop Mart features 13 all new pony figures with make-up, relaxing at the spa or pampering themselves. Each figure (or mini statue) is between 2.3" and 4" and covers the complete mane 6 twice, with a 'secret' 13th figure. The secret doesn't last long, as the product page reveals Princess Celestia as the 1/144 (!) chase figure.

Pop Mart MLP Pretty Me Up Mane 6 Ponies

While we didn't get any figures ourselves to review this time, you can read our earlier reviews of the Natural and Leisure series, as they're still relevant for the figure and packaging quality of the new series. In short: the figures are solid, detailed and beautiful! Quality figures that are worth the price, if you ask us.
And what we did hear, is that these figures have a mane and tail with pearl finish and that the cutie mark that can be seen in their eyes has a shimmering effect.

And talking about the price: they got a slight increase to $15.99 for single boxes, $47.59 for a 3-pack and $191.88 for the complete box of 12 figures. Where the single and 3-pack are totally random, the 12-figure box is guaranteed to contain unique figures: either all 12 regular ponies, or 11 ponies and the chase Celestia.

Note: the Amazon listing combines all release types and series together. So make sure to double check the selected release before ordering!

Thanks to Nyaton for the heads-up!

Pop Mart MLP Pretty Me Up Twilight SparklePop Mart MLP Pretty Me Up Fluttershy


  1. The quality is just wow, legit can't wait to get them

  2. cute! i want to get the leisure set so bad but cant afford an entire carton yet :P i love the celestia in this set, so pretty :D

  3. I cannot believe my eyes they feature starlight and princess Celestia

    1. Never mind they feature princess Celestia I thought that was starlight glimmer, but no, that was another version of twilight, but that’s OK though

  4. Mlp and lps CollectorJuly 17, 2023 10:59 PM

    So excited about new stuff.

  5. Wow, as I said before and I will say now, really are super cute these mini figures ^^
    However, the price tag is, some, very high, and, wow, really wow, the pack of the 12 figures is almost out/unavailable!!