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Plasmane Ghostbuster x My Little Pony Crossover Collection Figure
Yesterday we saw the first set of the MLP Crossover Collection, being the Cutie Marks & Dragons Set. But Amazon UK has just listed the Ghostbusters one: Plasmane. In comparison to the DnD one this one only includes one pony in the classic Ghostbusters gear. The pony themself is based on G1, probably because most toylines part of the crossover collection were really popular in the 80s/90s. Also, she reminds me a lot of G3 Applejack. Must be the color-scheme...
It's currently listed on Amazon UK for £19.36 but currently out of stock. No release date is known atm as well. Have the listing and other info below! (Update: listing is also available, though not yet available for order)

The description also mentions there will also be a Power Rangers and Transformers set, like we posted about some days ago. But with the Dungeons and Dragons set from yesterday the question is if we'll perhaps see much more crossovers as well... Which crossover(s) do you want to see? I would love a JEM one to be honest.

My Little Pony x Ghostbusters, Transformers & Power Ranger Crossovers Coming
The news is coming at great speed again, and today we have some very exciting news! Hasbro is known for occasionally bundling brands or licenses together and release My Little Pony themed board games from time to time. But now, they're going a step further than that.
For their Transformers brand and the recently acquired Ghostbusters & Power Rangers licenses, we're going to see an official Crossover Collection this year!

A listing for this got briefly posted on Amazon UK, but has now been removed or hidden. Luckily a Swedish crwaler site picked up the full description (seen below), and thanks to that we've got the details on what will be part of this collection.
For this line, or first wave, we'll see at least 3 figures:
  • My Little Pony X Ghostbusters Crossover Collection Plasmane
  • My Little Pony X Transformers Crossover Collection My Little Prime
  • My Little Pony X Power Rangers Crossover Collection Morphin Pink Pony