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Icon Heroes Show SDCC Exclusive G1 Pins

More exclusive G1 enamel pins have been announced this month! Where we earlier reported on an Entertainment Exclusive set, now Icon Heroes shows their exclusive pins set for SDCC this year.

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My Little Pony Icon Heroes Applejack and Minty Retro G1 Enamel Pins
Good news for those who like Enamel Pins! Entertainment Earth has listed two different kinds of pins. The first ones being from Icon Heroes which will release two sets of two Retro G1 pins, the first set consisting of Applejack and Minty and the second set of Firefly and Windy.

Aside from that Entertainment Earth has also listed the Pinfinity Augmented Reality Pins which we made a detailed blogpost about a few months ago. If you want to learn more about these I would recommend reading that post too since it has some nice information about how the pins work.