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Store Finds: Ornaments, Plush & More
It's been a while since our last Store Finds post, and a lot of items were still stuck in our inbox. To get all the info out we'll also included some of the older finds, just to get the message out to everyone who might be waiting for it. As usual, feel free to send us an email with your finds, preferably with images and we'll feature it in the next store finds post!

Kurt Adler Plush MLP Christmas Ornaments
Kurt Adler has announced a new line of MLP Christmas Ornaments for this year in the form of little plush ornaments! So far a set of Pinkie Pie and Princess Luna has been announced, but the line could be expanded towards the end of the year. The plushies are 5 1/2 inch tall and are available for pre-order in sets of 2, 12 or 48 figures (Luna and Pinkie divided evenly). Release date is set to October, so they will be way in time for Christmas!
Thanks to Ayu for the info!

Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie Kurt Adler Christmas Ornaments
It's been a while since we reported about the MLP Christmas ornaments made by Kurt Adler. And I'm 100% sure these are already for sale in the US as well. But it turns out some of them were also available in the Netherlands.

So today Ossie and I went to a gardening center called "Boerenbond" according to their website they have some some Christmas. Their stores aren't that large so we hoped they had at least some of them. People already reported here that only Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie were available. And they were indeed the only ones they had for sale. You had to pick them out of a tree full with children ornaments. The quality on these is sometimes not that good so we had to take a good look which ones to take. They had also a buy 4 get one free action going one so we got a total of 5 ornaments and now we got a spare Pinkie. Maybe for a future give-away. ;)

So for those living in the Netherlands make sure to check out your Boerenbond store and for the others in the EU. Try checking your gardening stores or other stores that sell Christmas ornaments!