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MLP Maud Pie Ponymania Figure
After the findings Queen Chrysalis at Toys"R"Us, now the Maud Pie single and Friendship Blossom Collection are also spotted in stores. Maud Pie is available for $9.99, and the collection is $29.99 and features 6 decorated ponies. We're also still waiting for more Equestria Girls dolls in the Ponymania line, such as Lily Valley, but we've yet to get more info on these.
Thanks to Felipe for the images taken at Toys"R"Us Chicago!

MLP Ponymania Friendship Blossom Collection
And even more Ponymania news! This time the packaging for the six brushables we've found earlier have been found at TRU Australia just like the Fluttershy doll. This means the second wave of the Ponymania line has officially been released. Let's hope they appear in other countries soon and that they get listed soon as well.

This set features: Princess Cadance, Lotus Blossom, Lily Valley, Lavender Honey, Helia and Roseluck.Who's your favourite?

Thanks to nogames and Tulip for the heads up!

MLP Lily Valley BrushableMLP Lily Valley Brushable
It's been a while since we saw any new toys covered with those flower designs surrounded by a black line. We only saw an advertisement for them but nothing else. Until today!

It seems like Lily Valley will join this line as well as a brushable (even when she was displayed as a human on the advertisement) so that makes a total of 6! She was found just like the others on Taobao. I wonder if we will get a large princess as well. There's still so much to know about this line, I can't wait for the big reveal!

Lavender Honey Brushable
A new Brushable has been spotted on Taobao! This time we have found a pony named "Lavender Honey" (named so by several people)  as a new Brushable. Her markings are similar to those of the Helia, Lotus Blossom and Princess Cadance Brushables we found earlier. The change is high these will be all bundled together. For a possible new exclusive TRU set.

We hope we can reveal more soon!