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MLP Ponymania Friendship Blossom Collection
We have more Ponymania news for you! In addition to Queen Chrysalis who had been listed on the Toys'R'Us website, it seems like the Friendship Blossom Collection has now been listed as well. Its also available in some stores already. You can order it for $29.99.

Ponymania Friendship Blossom Collection

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MLP Maud Pie Ponymania Figure
After the findings Queen Chrysalis at Toys"R"Us, now the Maud Pie single and Friendship Blossom Collection are also spotted in stores. Maud Pie is available for $9.99, and the collection is $29.99 and features 6 decorated ponies. We're also still waiting for more Equestria Girls dolls in the Ponymania line, such as Lily Valley, but we've yet to get more info on these.
Thanks to Felipe for the images taken at Toys"R"Us Chicago!

MLP Ponymania Queen Chrysalis Equestria Girls Doll
Two days ago the Ponymania Queen Chrysalis doll was found in stores. But she has now also been listed on the Toys'R'Us website. You can now order her for $19.99

Ponymania Queen Chrysalis Equestria Girls Doll

MLP Ponymania Queen Chrysalis Equestria Girls Doll
And at last we finally have pictures of the Ponymania Queen Chrysalis doll. A lot of people guesses that she would be also part of this line because she appeared on the Ponymania add from a few months ago and she also has been spotted in the Equestria Girls App. But today Tumblr user monstergirl230 has found her actually in stores! From the pictures it seems like they are also selling the Friendship Blossom Pack.
She's packaged the same as Zecora from last year. Now the only three left on that add are Roseluck, Flower Wishes and Lily Valley which I guess will be part of a 3-pack.

We don't know exactly is which stores she was found and in which country. We will update this post when we know.

Thanks a bunch again to monstergirl230 for the heads up and the images!

MLP Ponymania Fakies
For some reason it seems like the Ponymania line is really popular in terms of fakies... a few weeks ago we spotted several Fashion Style Fakies as Ponymania ponies, and a few days ago we spotted a giant 25 cm Princess Celestia Ponymania fakie. So it seems like the only ones left are fake Ponymania Brushables... well they have been found.

Like most fakies these were also spotted on Taobao. As you can see everybody is the same size including Twilight who uses a Small Princess mold for her official release. As you can see they only use three of the official Ponymania designs. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash have the same markings as the official Fluttershy one. Applejack and Pinkie Pie both have Pinkie's design and it seems like Twilight and Rarity share the same design as well. Even when these are fake. I think they look quite good actually.

MLP Ponymania Friendship Blossom Pack
Even though this set had already been spotted at Toys´R´Us Australia. There still hasn't been an online listing and as so far, the image from that post was the only there was right now. But today this set was spotted on Taobao so now we can take a better look at it. We also now have a picture of the back of the box which shows one thing.
Lavender Honey´s name actually never got confirmed. A lot of people called her Lavender Honey but it was unclear if Hasbro would also use this name. Turns out they don´t. Her real name is Sunshine Petals.

Let´s hope this set will be in the US soon as well online. We will keep you guys updated!

Toys"R"Us SDCC 2015 Maud Pie Brushable
Right at the start of the SDCC 2015, Toys"R"Us made their My Little Pony 2015 Ponymania line available online. Right now you can order Maud Pie, Daring Do and Princess Celestia right from the website (max. 1 of each per customer). Below you can find the listings with images, info and prices!
This line will soon also be available in stores and, like previous years, will be available for quite some time.

Fake Ponymania Fashion Style Brushables
You always find something weird on Taobao isn't it? This time we stumbled upon some new fakies. Some of you might remember the molds. You can see them here. They are actually quite good looking even when they are a bit softer as usual. And the hair is also nice.
Anyways it seems like some Ponymania themed Fashion Styles have popped up. And it seems like both Twilight, Fluttershy, Pinkie and Rarity are almost exactly the same as their official brushable sized versions. It seems like Cadance and Celestia are made up tho and the same as Twilight.

Still I kinda love these ones for their weirdness. They are some of the most interesting fakies I've seen yet.
Fake Ponymania Fashion Style Brushables
Fake Ponymania Fashion Style Brushables

Toys"R"Us SDCC 2015 Maud Pie Brushable
Toys"R"Us has officially announced their SDCC 2015 exclusive line of figures. For our frequent readers it won't be a surprise that this are the flower-pattern ponies from the Ponymania series. In addition to the earlier released Fluttershy Doll and Friendship Blossom Collection, Toys"R"Us will debut the Daring Do, Maud Pie and Princess Celestia figures at the SDCC (July 9-12).
As usual it's expected the figures will later be available in Toys"R"Us stores, after the convention has ended (this is also confirmed in the press release from Toys"R"Us). So far only one price has been released: Princess Celestia will be available for $20. Last year Photo Finish was sold for $9.99, so it's expected that Maud Pie will cost about the same. This is the first year that Toys"R"Us sells an exclusive Fashion Style pony, so we have no pricing example for that, but expect something around $13-15.
Below we have all the official press statements and images for the ponies:

MLP Ponymania Fluttershy Doll
Well it seems like the first new Ponymania TRU listing has appeared. The Fluttershy "Time to Shine" doll has been listed on the Australian Toys'R'Us website. This Fluttershy doll works the same as the Sunset Shimmer one meaning you have to press her legs and her wings go down. She's available for $39.99 Australian dollars.
Right now she's the only listing out there. Let's hope the others will be listed soon as well! You can find the listing here.

Thanks to Moonlight Shadow for the heads up!