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Rudolf Stein MLP Rainbow Dash Character Brushable
You might remember Rudolf Stein from the MLP Mascots we posted earlier, but this doesn't seem to be the only new product they'll be releasing this year! Rudolf Stein brought out their 2015 catalog full of licensed products, including 8 pages of MLP! The line-up contains mostly fashion accessories, bags and jewelery. As you can see above, we've spotted their Rainbow Dash Brush from last season in our local Claire's store, and the new Pinkie Pie Character Brush is already available on Amazon UK!
Below you can see the full line-up as shown in the catalog. Most of these products are sold in European stores, including Claire's, Primark and Argos.
Thanks to Ayu for sending in the catalog!

It seems like a brand named Rudolf Stein has released a new kind of MLP Merchandise. What we have here are "Mascots" these are small ponies who come with a suction cup and a plastic peg which you can attach to them on their back. because of this you can stick them anywhere you want! For example on you can attach them to your glass or bag. There are also quite some Ponies to collect besides the mane-six. You can also collect Minuette, Roseluck and Berry Green.

These were all spotted at Newcastle Comic-Con
Thanks a bunch to Nina for the heads-up and images!