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Big Surprise: Hasbro Releases New Wave of Blind Bags
A big surprise this week from Hasbro with the release of a new wave of blind bags! Last year we thought it was game over for the classic blind bag waves with the continuous release of Cutie Mark Crew figures, but this turns out the be just a pause.
This week an images was shared on Instagram showing two well-known blind bag ponies with new cards attached. As far as we can tell the ponies in this wave are all re-releases from earlier transparent lines, like Wave 14, 16 and 17, with one exception: Rainbow Smile. A trademarked name we couldn't find a reference to anywhere else, and judging by the name, color and pose it could be a new name for Rainbowshine.
All figures come with a fully transparent body, no painted mane/tail and no added glitter. Though, there seems to be some color variations from the earlier releases, and we spot usage of the new eye designs from later waves.
The figures were found in Mexico, and we didn't see them at the NY Toy Fair this year or last year. This raises the question whether the new wave (technically #25 if we exclude Best Gift Ever) is a worldwide release, or of this wave will only see specific countries. Still, if that latter is the case, they could still end up in discount stores like the budget EqG dolls.

My Little Pony Best Gift Ever Blind Box Set
With the two brushable Best Gift Ever sets being available now we only had one set left: The Blind Boxes. But Amazon listed this set today and we get a look at all the included figures in this set! The set consist of the Mane-six and some familiar characters. As you can see they all have a pearlized look with the exception of the Mane-six who have glitter inside of them. I'll write a list down below of the ponies included. Sadly, we don't know the codes for these yet. (if there are any)

Wave 18 Blind Bags Spotted + CODES!
After some early scoops on new blind bags we can finally confirm what Wave 18 looks like! The wave has been announced and the main line of figures have embedded glitter, some of them with a more gold-ish tint. The chase figures are still in line with the Nightmare Night theme, which includes Mr. and Mrs. Cake, Raven Inkwell, Minuette and Sprinkle Medley. The core of this wave consists of Wave 8 re-release figures, but there have been several changes, for example: Flim and Flam are not included in this wave.
Below we have a group shot of all ponies, including their blind bag codes. You can get a closer look at the figures in our MLP Blind Bag Database.

MLP New Blind Bags
A lot of new Blind Bags have been spotted on Taobao. First of all we get a look at the Nightmare Night Themed Mr. Carrot Cake but then we also got a bunch of new characters. You can find them all below. (with the exception of Fancy Pants which you can see in the image above) What's interesting is that almost all of these are Rarity related or they aired in an episode where Rarity was present. This could indicate that they are perhaps the chase figures of Wave 18 which is combined with the Rarity Friendship is Magic Collection set. Still that's just speculation for now but a lot of Rarity Themed Amazon listings have appeared on Amazon lately. (here and here)

You can find all the Blind Bags below and we also included their Animation Counterpart to make it more easier to ID them.

Wave 16 Blind Bags on Amazon + CODES
Finally we get some more official info on the wave 16 blind bags, this time through Amazon.
Not only do we see some of the figures more detailed than ever, this also reveals the final bag and card designs. Earlier this week we anticipated the blind bag codes for this wave, and it matches! Below we have the complete list of codes and characters, but you can also find them in our MLP Blind Bag Database (we'll update the images later).

It seems like a brand named Rudolf Stein has released a new kind of MLP Merchandise. What we have here are "Mascots" these are small ponies who come with a suction cup and a plastic peg which you can attach to them on their back. because of this you can stick them anywhere you want! For example on you can attach them to your glass or bag. There are also quite some Ponies to collect besides the mane-six. You can also collect Minuette, Roseluck and Berry Green.

These were all spotted at Newcastle Comic-Con
Thanks a bunch to Nina for the heads-up and images!

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MLP Fake Trading Cards
On Monday we reported on new sightings of the fake MLP trading cards. But apparently someone already made a review about these, with images! In this post you can see a short version of the review including the images. Thanks to Bootleg Vamp for the images and info!