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MLP Merch Poll #106MLP Merch Poll #105 Results
Last week we asked you whether you are excited for the MLP and K'NEX partnership. Votes were pretty close, but most of you are positive about the upcoming collaboration of the two brands. A tad more people are excited for the figures than the sets, but only a little bit. Of those who are not looking forward to the sets are generally not a fan of K'NEX at all, and only a small group (10%) of all respondents thinks that MLP and K'NEX are not going to be a good combination.

Over at Entertainment Earth some new listings have been added and while most of the new items have already been announced earlier this week, two listings are completely new. One of them is possible a re-release of the Styling Size Rarity and Fluttershy figures, available for $10 each. The could be re-released, but usage of the new mold styles is also a possibility. We can only be sure after the images have been added.
The other listing is a bit more interesting as we've never heard of 'Twisty Twirly Hair Styles'-figures before. We had Cutie Twisty-Do's, but the description for this listing mentions styling and nothing about beads.
This listing does not have any images either and we couldn't find any other information on these figures only that the first wave will feature Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Rarity for $9 per figure.

- My Little Pony Twisty Twirly Hair Styles Figures Wave 1 Set
- My Little Pony Basic Pony Wave 1 Set