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OnlyFactory Unlicensed Fluttershy PlushOnlyFactory Unlicensed Princess Luna Plush
Some big news from the OnlyFactory website: the unlicensed plush designs for Fluttershy, Princess Luna, Dr. Whooves, Spitfire and Daring Do have been completed, and on top of that they started designing a Lotus Blossom plush.
This directly solves the problem posted yesterday, in which we wondered what Princess Luna plush was posted. Now it seems that OnlyFactory/FrontWinner will be selling them!
The Fluttershy plush will be the second design that they produce, as they were already selling another Fluttershy design on the FrontWinner website.
And as expected, the Daring Do plush received some minor changes regarding the color of her tail.
Readers unaware of these plushies can read our post on the fake 12 inch plushies. As always, be aware that these plushies are unlicensed by Hasbro and that buying these plushies does not support the show's creators.
OnlyFactory Unlicensed Daring Do PlushOnlyFactory Unlicensed Dr. Whooves Plush
OnlyFactory Unlicensed Spitfire PlushOnlyFactory Unlicensed Lotus Blossom Plush Progress

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  1. I'm all for supporting the show, but if people want more show accurate plush and the only ones available are expensive customs or affordable unlicensed. Then it's a simple matter of supply and demand, there is no official support for the demand so people will take their money elsewhere. The 4D plush do seem to be a step in the right direction, but most of them are not out yet.