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SDCC 2014 Exclusive Merch and expected releases
With the San Diego Comic Con only a two days ahead of us. We decided to make a special of all the My Little Pony related things this SDCC has to over! So that you know what to look for, and what you can expect!


As first we have Hasbro. Hasbro will bring 2 exclusive items to the con. First we have an Mane-iac Equestria Girls doll who will available for $29.99, Hasbro will also have a molded mane Mane-iac figure that comes with Humdrum (spike), you can get these for $49.99 at the Hasbro Booth, after the event they will be available for purchase on the website.
Mane-iac SDCC Exclusive FigureMane-iac SDCC Exclusive Equestria Girls Doll

Hasbro has also announced the release of a Nurse Redheart Brushable. She will be a Walgreens exclusive pony but you can already pre-order her for $4.99, she will ship on 15 September.
Walgreens Nurse Redheart Brushable

And at last Hasbro will show us there newly additions for the "Through the Mirror Line" The toys we are sure to expect to see are the newly found Princess Celestia and Luna Fashion Style Ponies, some new Equestria Girls dolls of the two Princesses will also appear. 
Hasbro Trough the Mirror Celestia and Luna

And at last, we just heard about that Hasbro will be working together with Super Fan Arts, and according to their website, they will be at the SDCC with some of their models.
Super Fan Arts Announcement
Super Fan Arts 3D Printed Pony Models


Funko has always a lot of Comic Con exclusives figures. And this year they will of course have some My Little Pony Exclusives as well! This year Funko will come to the con with 2 Funko Vinyl exclusives: Spitfire and DJ-Pon3 who both had a dark make-over!
Funko SDCC Exclusive Dark DJ-Pon3 Vinyl Figure
Funko SDCC Exclusive Dark Spitfire Vinyl Figure


IDW will release a Comic Con Exclusive variant for the 21st number of the main comic line. This cover will feature Mane-iac and this version will also have 8 pages with an extra small story! Wow, she will get a lot of attention this year! This comic is limited to 500 pieces and will be available for $10
IDW MLP Comic #21 SDCC Exclusive Cover

Toys R Us

Toys R Us will bring some of the Ponymania Ponies to the SDCC! You can pick up the Ponymania Zecora Doll and the Talking Queen Chrysalis figure at the Entertainment Earth Booth. You can purchase Zecora for $20 and the Talking Queen Chrysalis for $25. They will be both available at TRU after the con.
Ponymania Talking Queen ChrysalisZecora Ponymania Equestria Girls Doll

Collectible Posters!

For the ones who are going to the con, you have the option to collect 7 different MLP Posters! These posters will be part of a book with 40 posters in it. You can purchase this book as well at the Hachette Book Group, it's booth number #1116.
SDCC 2014 Poster Book
SDCC 2014 Collectable Posters

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