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MLP Explore Equestria Pearlised Nurse Redheart BrushableMLP Explore Equestria Pearlised Nurse Redheart Brushable
Looks like Nurse Redheart will return again this year and this time as one of the Pearlised Brushables as she's been spotted on Ebay. We will probably receive more information later during the San Diego Comic Con but I think we can already guess that she'll be a Walgreens exclusive again just like her past two released.  We'll keep you updated!

And at last we finally hear something again about the Walgreens exclusive Nurse Redheart Ribbon Hair Brushable. It seems like she's finally been listed on the Walgreens website and you can order her now for $4.59. They are also having a current sale that when you buy one you'll get another one fro 50% off. According to the listing she should be available in stores as well. Please let us know if you spotted her. If you take a pic we might make a post about it in the future.

MLP Walgreens Exclusive Nurse Redheart Cutie Mark Magic Ribbon Hair Brushable
She was officially revealed during the 2015 SDCC but she also has her official announcement on the Walgreens website. According to both the announcement on the Walgreens website and Twitter Page she will be released this fall. She will be available both on the website and in-stores we will keep you guys up to date if she has been spotted!

Cutie Mark Magic Nurse Redheart
History repeats again as the second Nurse Redheart brushable will also be an Walgreen exclusive, according to the Hasbro SDCC stand. In fall last year Walgreens released their exclusive Nurse Redheart brushable, in that time as Rainbow Power, and this year Nurse Redheart will be available as a Cutie Mark Magic Ribbon Hair figure. (We anticipated on this happening back when she was spotted). Walgreens will sell Nurse Redheart later this year in both stores and online.
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Ribbon Hair Nurse Redheart Gets Zapcode
When we initially found the Ribbon Hair Nurse Redheart brushable we were confused about the missing Zapcode. The other Ribbon Hair brushables did in fact already have the Zapcodes printed on them. Turns out that just like the first Equestria Girls Archery Dolls we found, the code simply hasn't been printed yet. A new Taobao find, shown in the images, confirms that.
And now we mention the Zapcodes again: We're making some great progress on our Zapcode simulator and making all Zapcodes available in high quality. We'll soon release the update in our MLP Brushables Database and hopefully soon test it out with the Friendship Celebration app!

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MLP Merch Poll #35MLP Merch Poll #34 Results
Last week we asked you how you store your ponies. And apparently the vast majority stores them loose (out of the box) on shelves. A small part keeps them in the box on their shelves, and 15.7% of you store their ponies in a cabinet. And 20.3% doesn't display their ponies and simply play with them.

Nurse Redheart Cutie Mark Magic Ribbon Hair Single Brushable
In addition to the Mane-Six and Starlight Glimmer it seems like Nurse Redheart will also be part of the Cutie Mark Ribbon Hair Singles (No idea what they are actually called) as this one was found on Ebay. This will be the second Brushable Release for Nurse Redheart with the first one being a Rainbow Power Version of her. She was exclusive to Walgreens. In my opinion that pattern will be repeated again so my guess is that she will be a Walgreens exclusive to.

We will keep you updated!

Cutie Mark Magic Applejack and Skywishes Singles
Good news for those who have not yet found the Cutie Mark Magic singles in stores, because Walgreens now sells them as well, for only $4.99. It seems that the pony stock that Walgreens carries tends to vary from time to time, so I don't know how long these have been available and how long they'll stay. And when you are at a Walgreens, don't forget to check for the exclusive Nurse Redheart brushable!
Thanks to Lindsey for the image!

MLP Fake Nurse Redheart Mr Cake Blind BagsMLP Rarity Blind Bags
Today more fake blind bags have been spotted on Taobao. Amongst them are more re-colours of the Mr. Cake and Nurse Redheart blind bags and we found new versions of the metallic Rarity blind bags. The Mr. Cake and Nurse Redheart now have 5 color variations each containing pink, purple, black and white variations. The yellow blind bags are both real (or copies of real blind bags) and the white Nurse Redheart in the picture is real too.
On the second image you can see the pink metallic Rarity blind bag, but this time she has a cutie mark too. While we are not 100% sure whether this is a fake or factory error, my guess would be that it's a fake just like last time. All other rarity blind bags on the second image seem to be real.

Nurse Redheart SDCC Brushable at WalgreensNurse Redheart SDCC Brushable at Walgreens Backcard
While the Walgreens listing says that the Nurse Redheart burhsable is 'Not sold in stores', they actually are! A few lucky people have found the exclusive brushable at their local Walgreens. Other people report that many Walgreens do not sell them, but the sale might start later in some stores. Her in-store price is still $4.99 and the actual release date (online) is October 15th.
Thanks to Jennifer for the info and images!