OnlyFactory Unlicensed Princess Luna PlushOnlyFactory Unlicensed Princess Luna Plush
This Princess Luna plush has been posted on OnlyFactory about a week ago. Even though the quality of this plush is what OnlyFactory/FrontWinner usually produces, there are a few problems:
- It was posted as "Prince Artemis", the gender-swapped fan-created version of Princess Luna
- The plush was posted only 3 days after the initial request for the plush
- No progress or renders were posted before the final plush was shown

It is possible that this plush was already being produced or that these are someone else's photos?
Any additional information you might have is welcome!


  1. All I know is that I have this plushie right now. I got it for Christmas from my grandma and she forgot where she had bought the Luna plushie. Weird how instead of “only factory” it says “olyfactory” on the tag. The tag also had a bar code, when I scanned it it just took me to some random tools and keyboards. When I put keywords with the bar code like “mlp Luna plushie” it oddly took me here. That is really all I know about this Luna and I don’t think the owner of this post will read this message but either way I hope this helped anyone with this mystery

    1. Hey there, please take a look at this more elaborate post about the 12" plush: https://www.mlpmerch.com/2014/05/are-12-inch-mlp-plushies-fake.html
      The post might be outdated, but in short: for a few years the O(n)lyFactory produced lots of fake plush based on popular brands, including MLP. They had a website where you could vote on new designs and follow the production proces of them. As far as I know they were sold online mostly, but I bet they also appeared at fun fairs, carnivals and arcades.