Wave 11 Blind Bag BoxWave 11 Blind Bag Wrap
We're finally seeing some official listings of the upcoming wave 11 blind bag set. Toywiz and EntertainmentEarth both created listings for the set and speculate a bit about the exact release date, but it will be around September/October, so not too long! We are not 100% on the codes yet, and we'll do our best to get them ASAP!
If you happen to find cards or codes anywhere, please send them to: 
For now we have detailed images of all wave 11 blind bag figures (in alphabetical order) for you below:

Grouped Images

MLP Wave 11 Blind Bag Characters 1
MLP Wave 11 Blind Bag Characters 2
MLP Wave 11 Blind Bag Characters 3

Seperated Images

Wave 11 Big Wig Blind Bag FigureWave 11 Buttonbelle Blind Bag Figure
Wave 11 Candy Apples Blind Bag FigureWave 11 Cheese Sandwich Blind Bag Figure
Wave 11 Cloud Chaser Blind Bag FigureWave 11 Cloudia Breezie Blind Bag Figure
Wave 11 Flash Sentry Blind Bag FigureWave 11 Fluttershy Blind Bag Figure
Wave 11 Helia Blind Bag FigureWave 11 Lilac Breezie Blind Bag Figure
Wave 11 Lilac Hearts Blind Bag FigureWave 11 Luckette Blind Bag Figure
Wave 11 Neon Lights Blind Bag FigureWave 11 Pinkie Pie Blind Bag Figure
Wave 11 Purple Wave Blind Bag FigureWave 11 Pursey Pink Blind Bag Figure
Wave 11 Rainbow Dash Blind Bag FigureWave 11 Royal Pin Blind Bag Figure
Wave 11 Ruby Splash Blind Bag FigureWave 11 Spitfire Blind Bag Figure
Wave 11 Sunny Breezie Blind Bag FigureWave 11 Sunset Shimmer Blind Bag Figure
Wave 11 Swanky Hank Blind Bag FigureWave 11 Wensley Blind Bag Figure


  1. >Sunset and Flash are recolors

  2. yay the release date is found! but sadly i can only get 13 mlp wave 10 figs cuz my monthly allowance is about 20$ and counting in the emergency money i have left and i just got 3 figs and adding in the ten im gonna get = 13 wave 10 blind bags :( if it would release it in oct. it would b great but release in sept. i wouldn't b able to get them all :(

    PS: i just started collecting mlp blind bags! and we dont have a walmart or toy r us in my town and their about 2-3 hrs drive long getin there! :'(

    1. plz reply ive waited enough now plz plz plz pretty plz reply!!!!!!!!!

    2. PS:my question is wat date at exactly wat month the wve 11 blind bags r released.
      plz plz plz reply

    3. According to ToyWiz and Entertainment Earth. It will be September/October. We don't have an exact release date yet.

    4. u no wat ur lucky that u might go shop next month and u would get them....(the wave 10 blind bag figures,all of them) i only have 7 of them and i go shoping every 2 months cuz i always get all the new stuff at once so i tryed out the blind bags and finally they weren't out of stock whenever i would try to get them they would be out of stock but now a few days ago i went 2 target and got 7 of the blind bags and i got gilda, trixie , applejack , strawberry sunrise , sassa flash , rainbow shine , lotus blossom , and thats it so..........
      ya the codes helped me a little but i couldn't memorize all the codes of the figures i wanted so................
      anyways im feelin down......

      PS. i go to shopping after 2 month becuz for 2 months they barely put / stock in for something new so thats why........

    5. Do you have an Android phone? If so, you could use our Blind Bag app to have access to all blind bag codes on the go. :)

  3. I wish they'd just release already. There's wayyyyyy too many ponies I want in this set for once, especially Sunset and Flash.

  4. Just found a box at my local Walmart.

  5. in which states have you found them in stores?

  6. I got Spitfire today :D

  7. Has anyone seen them in the UK yet?? x

  8. Who is the bowling pony?