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My Little Pony Best Gift Ever Blind Box Set
With the two brushable Best Gift Ever sets being available now we only had one set left: The Blind Boxes. But Amazon listed this set today and we get a look at all the included figures in this set! The set consist of the Mane-six and some familiar characters. As you can see they all have a pearlized look with the exception of the Mane-six who have glitter inside of them. I'll write a list down below of the ponies included. Sadly, we don't know the codes for these yet. (if there are any)

EXCLUSIVE: Images of Wave 23 MLP Blind Bags
If there's one thing that's not going to end any time soon it has to be My Little Pony blind bags. We've already reached the announcement of Wave 23. According to the packaging it's planned to come out in 2018, so expect to wait a few months for these, but it'll be worth the wait!
Why? Well the huge amount of great characters! Cheerilee, Princess Cadance, Cheese Sandwich, Snips, Snails, Baby Flurry Heart and I can keep going on. Five of the characters will get the chase-treatment of large glitters in their manes, as with the previous Wave 21 and Wave 22 sets.

Below we have a full list of characters with images and names. It's a bit too early for codes, but we'll be sure to post about that once we're certain.

MLP Tech4Kids Squish Pops Series 4
Over at Target in the US you can now get the latest waves of the My Little Pony Squish Pops and Fash'ems figures by Tech4Kids. While we already had some info on the 6th wave of Fash'ems (which has the same figures as wave 5, but with a clear finish), the Series 4 release of the Squish Pops is completely new.
The latest wave of the small squishy figures introduces the first flocked figures and some new characters as well. Below we have more details on the included figures for each wave.
Thanks to Anto for the images!

MLP Guardians of Harmony Action Figures Commercial
Hasbro has released two new official commercials. The first one is for the Guardians of Harmony Action figures and it shows some of them like Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie, the Wonderbolts and the large Spike.
The second one is a commercial for the Nightmare Night Friendship is Magic Collection. It showcases all the figures including the chase figures for the Nightmare Night Themed Blind Bag waves as well.

You can watch the commercials below:

Hasbro Announces First Guardians of Harmony Comic
Over on Kotaku, Hasbro has exclusively revealed the first details and pages of the upcoming Guardians of Harmony comic line, which was announced back when the first GoH figures were shared.
The first issue will be released on December 1st as a digital comic, and a "full print version" will be available in February 2017. It was not mentioned whether the latter is a physical release of the first issue or the paperback.
Below you can see a preview (warning: spoilers) of the first chapter that was released as a teaser. (Click the images to enlarge)


MLP Friendship is Magic Comic #48 by IDW RI Cover by Matt Frank
Seems like I skipped over last month. Whoops... Anyway IDW just announced their MLP Comics for November this year. A total of two to be exact. Have all the information below!

All Guardians of Harmony Figures Available on Amazon (Pre-Order)
As of today all Wave 1 Guardians of Harmony figures are available for pre-order on Amazon. In this case it's everything that has been announced at the NY Toy Fair, excluding the Fan Series and the Wonderbolts set from earlier today.
Below we have all official listings for the figures, which you can pre-order for a September 1st release. Big Dragon Spike will take 2 weeks longer, but is also available for pre-order. So, head on down and reserve your GoH figures!

MLP Guardians of Harmony Spitfire and Soarin
It looks like the first normal Guardians of Harmony Toys are now available for order on Amazon. However, note that these are sold by a third-party seller wich means the price can be a bit high for now. They will ship this September and for now you can only get Cheese Sandwhich and the Wonderbolts.

MLP Guardians of Harmony Spike the Dragon
That was fast! Two more Guardians of Harmony Sets have been listed on Amazon as well. The first one is the Cheese Sandwich one which got revealed a few days ago. And the second one is the large Spike figure which comes with a smaller version of himself. Have all the information below again.

Two days ago Toywiz had listed two new Guardians of Harmony items. One of them was a Cheese Sandwich one which came with his Party Tank. But now Kotaku has revealed this awesome figure. As the description states he's able to shoot various projectiles like a pelican and chicken. He will be available later for $19.99. No exact release date is known at the moment but Toywiz has him in stock this August.

Thanks a lot to Masem for the heads up!