London Toy Fair 2015
The London Toy Fair 2015 has just been opened and someone named idlemichael seemed to have visited it. Below we have written down what My Little Pony products he saw today.

First up it seems like there will be a new playset featuring Celestia. According to Michael it was three levels high and covered with heart shaped QR-Codes for the new app they are making.

As expected the Cutie Mark Magic line will also be shown during this Toy Fair. We will see the already announced and available Water Cuties Brushables (the brushable snowglobes) but it also seems like Princess Cadance will get a new brushable with light. A new talking version? She was shown with some dodgy hair however. Hope they will fix that with her release.

The Hasbro Pop Line will also get some new Ponies as well. The 7 Inch Design-a-Pony Celestia was shown and a new pony (possible Luna) with black on her back that you need to scratch away to reveal purple. I really need to see some pics of this. Also some metallic POP Ponies were shown. That's quite awesome if you ask me.

The most interesting thing will be the fact that Equestria Girls 3 was announced during the toy fair. The movie will be about the Friendship Games were the Wondercolts will face-off against the Shadowcolts with a series of sport events. The dolls however didn't look that sporty but they had some "curious" sunglasses and a motocross bike was also shown. And very good news for those who wanted boy dolls. There will be a Flash Sentry doll!

At last the Pop Up Pinkie Pie Game we talked about earlier was shown.

Sadly we have no pictures yet. We hope we can get some soon and when we do we are sure to post them as soon as possible! I would like to give a huge thank you towards idlemichael for providing us all with this information! Again thank you very much!

So what are you looking forward too? Let us know!


  1. EQG3? Yippee! Flash Sentry doll? EVEN COOLER! But how many songs will be in EQG3? I want there to be lots cause the music of Rainbow Rocks ROCKED! Will there be new characters? When is EQG3 coming out? When is Season 5 coming out? Also, this is my MLP wishlist:
    The show should end in 2019
    New characters for Season 5 and EQG3
    The Dazzlings to return
    An EQG4

    That's it!

  2. I want to see the flash sentry doll.

  3. Considering EQG 3 is sport themed, I'm hoping that a Spitfire doll is on the way. Just like when they released the musician ponies in the Rainbow Rocks line

  4. Another thing: If this movie comes out in August, that means that season 5 comes out....NEXT MONTH!!! And then EQG4 will come out in 2016. That's all I have to say!

  5. I can't wait to see a flash sentry equestria girls doll

    1. Or would he be an Equestria BOY doll? :-)

  6. Too...many...EQG...movies...

  7. Omg im so happy there will be a EG3! And im sooo exited for the male dolls!! I hope they will do dr whooves and derpy one day to...q.q

  8. They also showed the new Aurora plushies, they can be seen short at the beginning of the BBC report of the Toy Fair.