Wave 3 Squishy Pops
A few days ago Tech4Kids revealed the second wave of Squishy Pop figures, and already they have shown the next wave(s) of Squishy Pop figures at the New York Toy Fair!
While the second wave consists of figures that we've already seen, these figures are completely new and there are some pretty awesome figures in this line-up! It's likely that these will be released as a two separate waves, just like how the initial 12 figures were split into two waves of 6 figures.
So far only the figures were shown and no box or new necklaces were shown, but we hope to hear more about how these will release soon.

The figures that were shown at the NY Toy Fair stand are:
- Standing mane 6
- Princess Luna
- Cheerilee
- DJ Pon-3
- Octavia
- Derpy
- Spike

Thanks to MUReview for the image!