All About MLP Merch - Wave 13 Blind Bag Codes
Only a few days ago we've spotted the blind bags and box for the Wave 13 Blind Bags, and with the help of this Amazon listing, we now know what the codes will be! Even though you can use the clear window in the back of the bags to see who's inside, a poll we held a few month ago shows that people are still using the codes. So far the blind bags have not been spotted in stores, but when they do you can use our MLP Blind Bag Database to figure out the codes and names of all the ponies in Wave 13! You can of course also use this image made by Ilona.

Below we have the list of all blind bags of Wave 13:
AA - Twilight Sparkle
AB - Rarity
AC - Bitta Luck
AD - Rainbowshine
AE - Golden Grape
AF - Rainbow Dash
AG - Ribbon Heart
AH - Sprinkle Stripe
AI - Berryshine
AK - Sea Swirl
AL - Lovestruck
AM - Meadow Song
AN - Fluttershy
AO - Cherry Berry
AP - Lyra Heartstrings
AR - Noteworthy
AS - Lucky Dreams
AT - Pinkie Pie
AU - Ribbon Wishes
AV - Lavender Fritter
AW - Apple Bumpkin
AX - Candy Apples
AY - Apple Bottoms
AZ - Mosely Orange


  1. Sweet they are still using the clear window on the blind bags i can't wait till wave 13 comes out and i will not need the codes because who needs blind bag codes if they have a clear window on the bags and I'll know witch pony i will get at least i won't get double blind bag figures anymore

  2. Who knew they would've used the old Fluttershy eyes? I didn't like them so much on the older blind bags because they looked kinda derped out. But now they nailed it! She looks so sweet...