MLP Wave 13 Blind Bags
The 13th wave of My Little Pony Blind Bag figures has been released in the UK. The wave 13 blind bags have been spotted at Morrisons, a UK based supermarket chain. Once again the UK releases this wave in two parts of 12 figures each, so it's expected to be only Wave 13A that's available now. Once Claire's starts to sell these in the UK it won't take long before other European countries will get a stock of Wave 13A in their Claire's stores as well.
Thanks to SETC for the info!

Wave 13A contains the following ponies:

AA - Bitta Luck
AB - Rainbowshine
AC - Goldengrape
AD - Rainbow Dash
AE - Ribbon Heart
AF - Sea Swirl
AG - Lovestruck
AH - Meadow Song
AI - Lucky Dreams
AK - Pinkie Pie
AL - Candy Apples
AM - Apple Split (renamed from Apple Bottoms)

Image shown in this article is not the actual Wave 13A (12 figures) box, but an International Wave 13 (24 figures) releases box! :)


  1. These are in the US, too, you know.

    1. Where did you find them?

    2. I don't remember. Sorry. I went on a pony shopping spree and bought Ribbon Heart, Candy Apples, and Lovestruck. They have peek-holes, too.

  2. These are in Ireland now too. I seen them in Smyths

    1. Same ;-P I bought 3, Rainbow Dash, Rainbowshine and Lucky Dreams. The blind bags also have a peek-hole.

    2. We got candy apples and golden grape, I like the look of apple split but my daughters never go for boy ponys for their first picks!

  3. I can't believe that the U.K. got wave 13 blind bags already i can't wait till they are available in the United states!

  4. I found Wave 13b in my local Tesco today already :P
    I sent you some pictures, I'm a bit disappointed that they removed the clear window so quickly and darkened the bags for 13b