MLP Playskool Friends Moon Dancer & Minty
The series of cute little My Little Pony from Playskool, the Playskool Friends figures, have found their way to Walmart shops and are available now! In total there are 3 Story Packs available, each containing 2 ponies: Applejack & Daisy Dreams, Bumblesweet & Rainbow Dash and Minty & Moon Dancer. It seems that these sets are not yet available on the Walmart website, but we hope to see them soon.
Thanks to Ponyfan for the images!
Update: They're $6.44 per set and are not supposed to be out (Walmart might have made a little mistake there). Expect to see these being release in other Walmarts in the coming weeks. (Thanks Voilet CLM)
MLP Playskool Friends Rainbow Dash & Bumblesweet

MLP Playskool Friends Applejack & Daisy Dreams


  1. Other notes from the same thread:
    * They're $6.44
    * This was an early release; they're not supposed to be out for another two or three weeks and won't even be in the store system until the 25th

    1. Didn't notice that, thanks, it has been added!

  2. its great how they reprice original characters ! with moondancer was released as brushable. I believe early or late they will be back to originals.

  3. Very cute but $6.44 is a bit expensive for a little kids mlp toy!

  4. Awww, they look so cute! I want them ;___;

  5. Found them at Kmart too. they're $7.99 there. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18255870/IMG_20150722_121117_666.jpg