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 MLP Playskool Pony Friends 4-pack
About two weeks ago we reported that Entertainment Earth had listed a possible Playskool 4-pack on their website. This has now been confirmed as this one has now also been listed on the US Amazon website. By the looks of it it seems like that they use the same molds as the previous release. This pack includes Bumblesweet, Applejack, Minty and Daisy Dreams. By the looks of it you can already order it for $9.99. Besides that it seems like the Bath Squirters are also listed on Amazon. But those aren't available for order yet.

MLP Playskool Pony Friends 4-pack - $9.99

MLP Playskool Pony Friends Bath Squirters

Playskool Pony Friends Collector Pack
A few days ago we reported that the Playskool Ponies started to appear in several stores like Walmart, but now they have also been listed online. Right now you can order the whole Playskool line from Toys'R'us. (excluding the Rainbow Dash Party Bus) We have listed them all below including images and descriptions. Please note that TRU has made an error by calling Moon Dancer "Rarity."

MLP Playskool Friends Moon Dancer & Minty
The series of cute little My Little Pony from Playskool, the Playskool Friends figures, have found their way to Walmart shops and are available now! In total there are 3 Story Packs available, each containing 2 ponies: Applejack & Daisy Dreams, Bumblesweet & Rainbow Dash and Minty & Moon Dancer. It seems that these sets are not yet available on the Walmart website, but we hope to see them soon.
Thanks to Ponyfan for the images!
Update: They're $6.44 per set and are not supposed to be out (Walmart might have made a little mistake there). Expect to see these being release in other Walmarts in the coming weeks. (Thanks Voilet CLM)

All About MLP Merch Launches Playskool Database
We have launched a new database! You can now check-out all the current Playskool ponies that are available right now (or will be very soon). We also included the Amazon links so you can easily look them up. We hope you will enjoy our new database.

Click here to visit the Playskool Database

Playskool Friends My Little Pony Minty Figure
We already knew that Playskool would also include  My Little Pony as some of their new toys. And now we've gotten images of them! A line within this series is the line with several figures of a lot of different Ponies. Ponies we already know but also some of older generations. But... just look at them. They are so adorable! Don't you think?

MLP Rainbow Power Holly Dash BrushableMLP Rainbow Power Rarity Brushable
Over the past few months we've gotten tons of questions about this, and I think it's time to make a full post about it: The last releases of Rainbow Power that have not yet been released in the US. There are a few factors that could have caused that, but it will remain speculation as nothing has been confirmed yet. The ponies that are missing are Holly Dash and Rarity from the Wave 2 Rainbow Power Neon Singles and Applejack and Daisy Dreams from the Wave 3 Rainbow Power Fashion Styles.
(Possibly the Wave 2 Rainbow Shimmer ponies Twilight Sparkle and Princess Cadance are missing too)

MLP Wave 2 Daisy Dreams Blind BagMLP Wave 2 Daisy Dreams Blind Bag
 A few weeks ago we found out that wave 12 would basically be a re-release of the wave 1 blind bags. And when looking at it in hindsight, it's true that before the announcement of wave 12 there have been quite a lot of wave 1 blind bag listings on Taobao and eBay.
When I did my daily dose of Taobao browsing today I came across something that made me think of this very same situation: A few Daisy Dreams blind bags! Sadly there is no photo available of the production code to prove the batch that they were produced in, but they could be manufactured recently.
And if these are new blind bags, this could indicate a re-release of Daisy Dreams. That can be in any form (like blind bag triple sets or store exclusive sets), but when we look at wave 12 it's also very possible that she would be part of a wave 2 re-release.
While this is only speculation, the first signs are here. And I bet a lot of people (mainly from the US) would be very pleased if Hasbro actually re-releases the wave 2 ponies as they've never been available in stores outside of Europe (and even some European countries), making them pretty rare.

Now that we've got a recent 'sighting' of wave 2 blind bags, we'll be on the lookout for more wave 2 exclusive ponies on Taobao as this could strengthen the re-release theory. To be continued.

Adagio Dazzle Singing Rainbow Rocks Equestria Girls DollApplejack Rainbow Power Fashion Style
Sometimes it can be a bit hard to see when something has been found in stores. A lot of people have asked us when or where the Adagio Singing Doll and Applejack/Daisy Dreams Fashion Styles have been found in stores. Turns out they have been found!

Adagio Dazzle was found at Walmart in Canada and the Applejack and Daisy Dreams Fashion Styles were spotted at "The Warehouse" in New Zealand. That means that both haven't been found in the US yet. If you do find one of these let us know! We will add them to this post. :)

For those wondering what they look like, here are some images:

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MLP Rainbow Rocks Applejack Fashion Style BrushableMLP Rainbow Rocks Daisy Dreams Fashion Style Brushable
It seems that Toys"R"Us UK listed the new Rainbow Power Fashion Style Applejack and Daisy Dreams brushables as available on their website. And after using their availability checker it seems that some stores also have stock on these right now. We advice you to use the checker before running to your local stores, as most stores have no stock at all right now. They're being sold for £11.24 ($18), which seems pretty average.

Pony Friends Forever Daisy Dreams Ratity 2-pack
We stumbled upon these when we were shopping in our local mall. We found these at a toy store called Bart Smit. The official name of this set is called the "Pony Scooter Friends Set" and it features Rarity and Daisy Dreams together with scooters. Something interesting is that this set was released as a Toys'R'Us exclusive in 2012 so it's quite strange to see it appear here now. It was spotted here before but it was some months ago for a very short time at Kruidvat. We also checked out the Production code and it says it's produced in 2014 so do we all get a re-release here in the Netherlands? (and possibly Europe as well?)

So right now the Blokker and Bart Smit sell this set for 20 euros here right now in the Netherlands.