Wave 13B Blind Bags Released in the UK
Back in the days when the first 12-pony sets were released in the UK, it took quite a while before the second part of the wave was released. Now it seems that Hasbro releases them at (almost) the same time, as Wave 13B has been spotted at Tesco, 3 days after the initial finds of Wave 13A.
Thanks to Victor, we now have images of the second blind bag, and as you can see: There is no window to spot the pony! This means that it's necessary to read the codes again, and we have them below (Although we're not sure what code-sequence they use, at least the order of ponies is correct):

AA - Twilight Sparkle
AB - Rarity
AC - Sprinkle Stripe
AD - Berryshine
AE - Fluttershy
AF - Cherry Berry
AG - Lyra Heartstrings
AH - Noteworthy
AI - Ribbon Wishes
AK - Lavender Fritter
AL - Apple Bumpkin
AM - Uncle Orange
(If the ponies have other codes than listed above, please let us know)
Wave 13B Blind Bags Released in the UK

Wave 13B Blind Bags Released in the UK


  1. Wow the United kingdom has wave 13 blind bags already it's always the U.K. and Singapore always gets their blind bags in first no fair!!!!! :-$

  2. I found this wave in my local tesco but the bags DID have the viewing hole on the back

    1. How odd, was it Wave 13A/B or just regular wave 13 with 24 ponies?

  3. in my local tescos there were a mix of viewing holes and ones without but now it's just viewing hole ones..

  4. Where do I look to find the codes? I've looked all over the packaging and I can not find the AA codes or anything like that, please help cause I wanna complete my set without thousands of duplicates.